June 10

Remember When a Sick Kelly Clarkson Pulled Off a Seamless Performance in The Voice?

The voice coach Kelly Clarkson bagged her back to back crowns as coach to two young rising stars. Her second win was with her season 15 mentee, 16-year-old country singer Chevel Shepherd. But more than her victory, the biggest talk that night was when Clarkson publicly admitted that she was not in the best of shape during her performance.

Season 15 Preview

Season 15 of The Voice USA was a roller coast ride once again not just for the participants but for the judges as well. A new addition through “The Comeback Stage” was introduced where contestant Lynnea Moorer was given another chance after half of the blind audition winners were eliminated. This caught the attention of many loyal viewers and fans in which some called it “unfair.”

In addition to the controversial addition of a new format, coach Adam Levine’s statement for voters to choose 14-year-old Strange for the next round instead of his own teammate Nico during the Instant Save. This left Nico and his fans feel left out.

But as the show pushed through, putting controversies and issues aside, the true winners emerged. Kennedy Holmes, who was the youngest finalist ever at the age of 14 and powerhouse R&B vocalist from St. Louis came in fourth. He was then followed by Country singer Kirk Jay from Alabama. Fan-favorite Chris Kroeze from Barron, Wisconsin came in second and Kelly Clarkson’s “country Tinkerbell” Chevel Shepherd stood tall as the champion.

Kelly Clarkson’s Dilemma

The finale of The Voice was just full of jaw-dropping talents brought by both the finalists and special guests. But there were some things not caught by the camera nor heard by the live audience. This included Kelly Clarkson hiding something right before she performed with co-judge Jennifer Hudson.

The live audience were given a treat of an amazing rendition of “O Holy Night” by Clarkson and Hudson. The performance sounded great for the fans but not for Clarkson. During the press conference with her season winner, Clarkson said that she asked Hudson to sing a “big note” in order to conceal her “raspy voice.” Nevertheless, the performance still did its job of reinforcing the Christmas spirit to everyone.


Chevel Shepherd

Shepherd was just 16-years-old when she won season 15 of The Voice. Since then, she became a well-known artist all across the map. Her blind auditions performance earned herself a four-chair turner and captivated country star, Kelly Clarkson.

Shepherd grew up in the small town of New Mexico and was one of the youngest performer in season 15. But this did not mean that she lacks experience. Shepherd was brought into singing as she followed the footsteps of her mother and sister. She said that singing was a thing that she grew up into. Shepherd’s early years has been about singing and it all paid off.

But this was not the first time that she auditioned for The Voice. Two seasons ago, Shepherd attempted to get into the mix of the teams in season 13. Unfortunately, the teams were all packed. Shepherd’s chance for stardom arrived just before season 15 when producers called and and offered her a chance to perform during the Blind Auditions. This was the start of a wonderful career for Shepherd.

Shepherd said that she would be taking a break after winning season 15. She wanted to be a regular teenager but would later on proceed to create an album. Her coach Kelly Clarkson has been supporting her all throughout and is very excited to what awaits the young country singer.

Kelly Clarkson has kept her promise with the young singer. She helped Shepherd choose songs that would perfectly suit her voice. Clarkson has also been actively involved in promoting the singer’s brand. She gives Shepherd slots in her shows and wouls sing with her. With the influence of a country star like Kelly Clarkson, it may just take a short time for Chevel Shepherd to be an established name in the industry. We better watch out for this young artist.


Chevel Shepherd, Kelly Clarkson

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