July 6

Hank Williams Jr. Records Life’s Diversity on Dinosaur

Dinosaur by Hank Williams Jr. is a country song from the singer’s third full-length album, Habits Old and New, and was released in the summer of 1980. It was penned by Hank Williams Jr., along with Bob Borbin. 

Habits Old and New album was not as profoundly renowned or high earning as the two previously released albums, Family Tradition and Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound. The album is a typical Hank Williams Jr. album that has some tributes to his father, various covers of his father’s music (Move It On Over and Kaw-Liga), and some fomenting hillbilly artists. Habits Old and New is an appropriate moniker for the perfect blend of traditional country-western with raw energy exclusively Williams Jr. could deliver. 

Though not well-known, Dinosaur is one of the best Hank Williams Jr. songs. The lyrics are classic, specifically viewing the current’s musical and politically fastidious situation. 

According to some critique, the song has a vile homophobic touch, also depicts a representation of a point that for some are interesting – laborers being pushed out of their bistros by a corporate club. No matter how we might think about clubs, Hank Williams Jr. really despises it, and you can feel the agony of the singer who simply wants to grab a drink like a beer and listen to some classic blues and country music. Though it ends up being rammed down one’s throat, this strange music has no room at their pub. 

The song, Dinosaur, also shows that Hank is just kicking off with composing arena-country mega hits, even when with judgment and facetious criticism. 

Check out Hank Williams Jr.’s “Dinosaur” video below, and be a dinosaur.


Hank Williams Jr.

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