Little Jimmy Dickens - Life's Turned Her That Way


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January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023

“Life Turned Her That Way” was written by Harlan Howard and first recorded by Little Jimmy Dickens in 1965. Although Little Jimmy Dickens was known for his novelty songs at the time, “Life Turned Her That Way” provided a change of direction from the usual happy and cheery songs he was well known for. Little Jimmy Dickens’ performance of the song didn’t garner as much attention; nonetheless, it later received covers from several well-known performers and eventually reached the top of the Hot Country Songs chart in 1988 when Ricky Van Shelton sang it.

Meaning Behind the Song

The protagonist of Little Jimmy Dickens‘ “Life Turned Her That Way” is a man who destroyed a girl’s heart. Little Jimmy Dickens’ song is about a man who ultimately 

regrets treating a girl he previously cared for unfairly. The man seems upset since he was one of the people who wronged the girl, turning her into the cynical and bitter person she is today. The lyrics try to indicate the agony and suffering she had gone through before she had to seal herself off to stop it from occurring again by stating that the girl cries more intensely each day because of the misery she had experienced.

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It discussed how much suffering in life causes a person to change. Everyone who hears the song would be able to relate to the girl or the guy in case they have ever mistreated someone and regretted it. It shows two broken hearts that cannot be together anymore, but he sincerely wishes she would be treated better than she was.

Listen to the song and get a taste of comfort with “Life Turned Her That Way” below.


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