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Arden Lambert


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023

Little Jimmy Dickens is enough proof that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals in life.

James Cecil Dickens, famously known as Little Jimmy Dickens, might be known for his small size, yet his upbeat, humor-laced songs will make you smile and sing along when you’re having a bad day. The country music artist was also given recognition for introducing live country music performances.

Check out our famous Little Jimmy Dickens songs list and see if your favorite has made it to the cut.

1. Take an Old Cold ‘Tater (And Wait)

Little Jimmy Dickens released “Take an Old Cold Tater (And Wait)” as the first single in his 1957 album, Raisin’ the Dickens. The song is his first single, and it packs a slight humor as it talks about how Little Jimmy was told to take a tater and wait instead of eating chicken.

2. Old Rugged Cross

In 1951, along with the Johnson Family Singers, Little Jimmy Dickens released “Old Rugged Cross.” The hymn was composed by George Bennard, an evangelist, and a song leader. It has become one of the favorite country gospel songs since Ernest Tubb released it in his 1952 album. Artists such as Loretta Lynn, Roy Rogers, Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard, Anne Murray, and Little Jimmy Dickens have performed the hymn.

3. We Could

Written by Felice Bryant, Little Jimmy Dickens recorded “We Could” in 1955. Since its release, artists like Al Martino and Charley Pride have also released their covers. The song was remembered mainly by people when Charley released it in his Country Feelin’ album, topping the Canadian RPM Tracks and reaching the 3rd spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

4. May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose

One of Little Jimmy’s biggest hits, “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose,” is a two-minute track that peaked at the top of the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. The song mentions how Little Jimmy, in the music, is rude toward other people.

5. When Your House Is Not A Home

Released in his 1968 album Comes Callin’, Little Jimmy talks about the pain when you’ve been going through a rough patch in a relationship, especially when you are married. It hurts to think that a once happy home you’ve shared is now only a shell, a house lacking love because of the broken bond.

6. No Place Like Home on Christmas

Little Jimmy spat the truth with “No Place Like Home on Christmas.” It is true because the holidays are meant to be spent with the people you love the most, your family. Little Jimmy describes the activities you can do with your family during the holidays, like singing carols and sharing that delicious turkey.

7. Police, Police

Little Jimmy Dickens’ “Police, Police” is sure to make people sing it repeatedly because of its upbeat and catchy tune. The two-minute track was initially released in 1962.

8. I’m Little, But I’m Loud

“I’m Little, But I’m Loud” is a Little Jimmy Dickens’ statement that became a huge classic because it hints at the country musician’s persona: he was known for his small frame, standing at 4’11. Despite his stature, he is proud and happy to create and release songs that were quickly people’s favorites.

9. The Violet and a Rose

In Little Jimmy Dickens’ 1962 album, Out Behind the Barn, “The Violet and a Rose” is a song that sounds like a love song, as the supposedly main characters are a violet and a rose. The song also mentions the famous phrase roses are red, violets are blue, as eventually, the track turns into a sad one towards the end.

10. Hillbilly Fever

Recorded in 1950, Little Jimmy Dickens’ “Hillbilly Fever” talks about the increasing popularity of country music, saying that hillbilly fever is going around. The song, written by Vaughn Horton, reached the number 3 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

We hope we put a smile on your face as you went through our list of Little Jimmy Dickens songs! Remember that you can always find comfort in music when you are having a bad day.

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