May 22

Jimmie Allen Opens Up About His Bipolar Disorder

Country star Jimmie Allen gets candid about his mental health in a recent interview. The rising star shared that he’s been living with bipolar disorder, and continued to explain why his diagnosis keeps him motivated to spread a positive message.

bipolar, bipolar disorder, Jimme Allen, Jimmie, Allen, BET
via Jimmie Allen/Official Facebook Page

Jimmie Allen Opens Up

In a recent interview with Chicago’s Big 95.5 radio station‘s Brooke Ashley Taylor, he gets candid about his diagnosis with bipolar disorder. And what helped him through tough times was all of the other musicians who were going through the same thing as him.

“I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when I was 13. What kept me going was knowing so many musicians, like Charley Pride and others, have bipolar disorder and how they’ve been able to function.”

Pride’s bipolar diagnosis was noted during his 2019 PBS documentary entitled Charley Pride: I’m Just Me. Other stars in the industry have also shared their mental health struggles. “Meant to Be” singer Bebe Rexha have recently shared that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as well.

bipolar, bipolar disorder, Jimme Allen, Jimmie, Allen, BETJimme Allen, Jimmie, Allen, BET
via Jimmie Allen/Official Facebook Page

His diagnosis and going through his everyday emotions is what’s keeping him motivated to spread positive messages to his fans through his social media accounts. This is why, more often than not, his Twitter feed is filled with positive, motivational tweets. Allen says these messages are for himself as much as they are for anyone else who reads them.

“On days when you’re motivated and days when you’re depressed, you still find a way to get up,” he continues. “I felt like someone needed to hear that from me. A lot of times when I post these motivational quotes, it’s really for myself. It’s more my self-help Twitter, because I read my own tweets.”

“I feel like it’s our job to use our struggles as motivation and a stepping stool for someone else to overcome theirs.”


Bipolar Disorder, Interivew, Jimmie Allen

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