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Ten of the Best Sara Evans Songs You Might Want to Check Out!

Being one of the most successful country music artists of all time didn’t come easy for Sara Evans. Being born into a poor family, she, with the help of her supportive family, is the reason she paved her way to the top. 

With over six million albums sold, multiple no. 1 hits reaching the charts, and being a multi-talented and independent woman, Sara Evans is indeed an inspiration to many. That’s maybe why listeners are so captivated by her songs due to her overflowing charisma and dedication to her craft. Being such a great artist, over 20 Sara Evans songs were released for listeners to enjoy. 

So, if you want to know which of these songs is the greatest, scroll down, and you might find a song you would like to add to your playlist.

1. Suds in The Bucket

Only a few songs are certified gold by the RIAA, and Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans is one of them. The song was written by two amazing songwriters, Billy Montana and Tammy Wagoner. It was then released in 2004 as part of her album Restless. It peaked at no. 1 on the US Country charts.

2. A Little Bit Stronger

Peaking at no. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs, “A Little Bit Stronger” talks about how it’s hard to forget about someone whom you love and spend time with every day. The song was released back in 2010 as part of her album Stronger. The song was written by Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey, and Hillary Scott. 

3. Born to Fly

Released in 2000, it is one of Sara Evans no. 1 hits, making it one of the best songs she ever released. Marcus Hummon and Darrell Scott wrote “Born to Fly”; as the title suggests, it’s about spreading one’s wings to expand one’s horizon and start dreaming of being somebody and finding a new destination. 

4. I Could Not Ask for More

Who said cover songs couldn’t make it to the top? Well, that’s not the case for Sara Evans. Her rendition of the song ‘I Could Not Ask for More’ sung initially by Edwin McCain, gained so much popularity that it peaked at no. 2 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

5. I Keep Looking

Have you heard of the saying, nothing is enough? This song somehow talks about that. It describes the way that human nature works. People tend to never be satisfied, and how we always want to try new things. It peaked at the charts landing at no. 5. The song was released in 2002 as part of her album ‘Born to Fly.’ 

6. No Place That Far

Guess what? This is another Sara Evans hit song, landing at no. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs and no. 4 on the Canadian Country Tracks. Sara Evans co-wrote “No Place That Far,” which was released in 1998 as part of her album of the same name. 

7. A Real Fine Place to Start

In 2005, in Sara Evans’s album Real Fine Place, the song was released. It was able to hit the charts peaking at no. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs. It describes how getting to know someone you’re in love with is indeed a “real fine place to start.”

8. Perfect

As part of her album Restless, the song ‘Perfect’ was released back in 2003. It peaked at no. 2 on the US Hot Country Songs, which makes it one of Sara Evans’s greatest hits. The song was written by Evans, together with Tom Shapiro and Tony Martin.

9. As If

Though the song was only able to peak at no. 11 on the US Hot Country Songs, it is still one of Sara Evans’s popular songs. The song was part of her album Greatest Hits which was released back in 2007. 

10. Cheatin’

Songs about cheating will always connect to many. That’s why there is no surprise why this song is one of Sara Evans’s greatest hits landing at no. 9 on the US Billboard charts. The song was written by Brett James and Don Schlitz. It was released as part of the album Real Fine Place back in 2005. 

Sara Evans has always been a great artist that everyone should look up to. And since we can’t get enough of her talent, we decided to provide you with a further list of her songs.

That’s why here are more Sara Evans songs you might want to check out. 

  • Just Give Me a Reason
  • My Heart Can’t Tell You No
  • You’ll Always Be My Baby
  • Saints & Angels
  • Love You with All My Heart
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • Just a Closer Walk with Thee
  • Infinite Love
  • New Again
  • Better Off
  • Slow Me Down
  • At Christmas
  • I Learned That from You
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Backseat of a Greyhound Bus

You can check out the above song suggestions if you’re stuck for tunes to listen to today. We assure you that you won’t be sorry if you choose any of Sara Evans songs from the list above.


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