June 29

Smile is Your Free Weapon on Chris Janson’s “Good Vibes”

Everybody experiences ups and downs in life. Chris Jansons embraces his life, glorifies the Lord, and is thankful when people are good to him. Chris Janson’s “Good Vibes,” the lead single from his third album, is an upbeat song about having a positive attitude and creating good vibes. 

The song is composed by the singer, along with Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley. ‘Good Vibes’ is entirely what you assume it is. That was the expression that the three adopted in the writers’ studio when they made the song – that they need Good Vibes only. 

“Good Vibes” by Chris Janson is hitting it off with people in every place since the track was composed and channeled to make everyone smile. It’s a simple song about being happy and grateful, knowing you’re blessed every day. Instead of being carried away by stories in the news and downturns in life, the song tells us to focus on the brighter side. 

Of all Chris Janson’s songs, this song gave him the nickname the ‘Good Vibes guy’ to numerous country music enthusiasts, and that’s something he’s pleased with. Though, the “Buy Me a Boat” singer admitted that it’s difficult to be the ‘Good Vibes’ guy at times because he can also be grouchy. The positive song has taken on new significance for the singer, particularly after hearing the stories his supporters share with him regarding the track every day. 

The song rose to the #1 spot on Billboard’s Country Airplay (Oct.2019), from 2-1 in its 34th week. This is Janson’s first No. 1 on the chart. It has also climbed to the #1 spot on Canada Country Billboard (Oct.2019) The song reached the #8th spot on the American iTunes Chart (Nov.2019) and #6 on US Hot Country Songs chart (Oct.2019). 

To feel the positivity, listen to Chris Janson’s “Good Vibes” below.


Chris Janson

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