August 29, 2022

Blake Shelton Shares Some Free Line Dancing Lessons In Time For His 90s-Inspired Music Video

Blake Shelton wants to make sure his fans are well-prepared before hitting the honky tonks after the release of his latest single, “No Body.” 

So, the country superstar shared a clip on his social media account on Tuesday (August 23), breaking down the line dance that can be seen in the music video released along with his ’90s country-inspired song. 

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Yes, you heard that right! We’ve got some free line dancing lessons here, and Shelton says, “no excuses.”

Here’s Your Free Line Dancing Lessons

Blake Shelton enlisted the help of the same dancers shown in the recently released music video to “teach y’all the #NoBody line dance.” The three line dancing instructors – led by Ashley – put up their cowboy and cowgirl outfits and wasted no time showcasing every step of the dance.

“Put those hands on those hips, and we’re gonna click those heels,” Ashley kicked off the nearly four minutes long tutorial video. They began demonstrating the dance’s steps in detail and at a slow pace. They then picked up the pace, so you’ll see how it matches up with the music.

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Shelton released “No Body” on August 19, along with an exciting music video, where he paid tribute to the ’90s – the time he moved to Music City and started making a name for himself. 

To bring the song to life, Shelton turned back the clock to a time when line dancing dominated the country bars. Shelton thought, “this would’ve had a line dance to it if it had come out in the ’90s.'” 

Anyway, you can watch the line dance tutorial in the video below. We know you’re all dying to learn these moves.


Blake Shelton

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