July 18

Celebrating Ricky Skaggs 65th Birthday with his song “Country Boy”

Rickie Lee Skaggs, professionally known as Ricky Skaggs, will be celebrating his 65th birthday this year. Join us as we remember his legacy and how he came into the world of country music.

ricky skaggs, birthday
via Ricky Skagg’s official Facebook page

Ricky Skaggs’ Journey as a Country Singer

At a young age, the singer already has his path drawn for him. He learned how to play different instruments such as the fiddle, guitar, monocaster, and banjo. However, the first instrument that he learned to play was Mandolin. It was a special instrument for him since it was his father who taught him how to play it. He grew up playing and performing at different venues and that is where he met country legends like Keith Whitley and Vince Gill.

He was then introduced to the Grand Ole Opry and was later on inducted at an early age. In fact, he was the youngest to be inducted into the Opry during his time. This is a testament to the skills and talents of Ricky Skaggs. And last year,  he finally got his induction to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

ricky skaggs, birthday
via Screengrab from YouTube

Ricky Skaggs’ Remarkable Hit “Country Boy”

When remembering Ricky Skaggs‘ classic hits, people would immediately think of “Country Boy.” The song became a number one hit from the singer together with his other songs such as “Honey, Open the Door,” and “Highway 40 Blues.” The song also helped Ricky earn his CMA Awards’ Entertainer of the Year trophy.

The song is a simple narration of what it is like to live as a country boy. There is honest storytelling from the lyrics and this may be the reason why people fell in love with the song. People who lived in the countryside are known to be innocent and just want simple things in life. The song is also perfect for Ricky since he was born in the countryside. So, who knows? He may be pertaining to himself when he performed the song.

Listen to his song here:

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