February 14

Merle Haggard’s Amazing Rendition of “Where No One Stands Alone” by Elvis Presley

In 1981, American country singer Merle Haggard released his hit cover of the gospel song “Where No One Stands Alone” as part of his album Songs for the Mama That Tried. It was originally written by Mosie Lister in 1955 and was sampled by Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley in 1967.

This album is a collection of country and gospel songs that had a big impact on Merle Haggard’s life. Although the track only consists of cover songs, the album still made the charts, landing at no. 46 on the Billboard Top Country Albums in 1981. 

Among the long lists of popular songs Haggard included in his album, his rendition of “Where No One Stands Alone” by Elvis Presley has received undeniably great attention from listeners. 

Merle Haggard’s Rendition

“Where No One Stands Alone” is a song that talks about a man asking God to help him see the light through the darkness of life. Since this world is full of cruel things, seeking guidance from the high power above is a must if we want to live a life of happiness. 

In Merle Haggard’s rendition, he decided to rearrange as well as tweak some of the lyrics in the song. He decided to sing the second verse as his final verse, giving the song that fresh take that listeners love hearing. 

He also changed the lyrics from the original that says “In the darkness as black as could be” to “in darkness as black as the sea.” Although it doesn’t change the meaning at all, it shows Merle Haggard’s perspective of what darkness feels for him.

Also, in Elvis Presley’s version, although his voice is soft, it has a rhythmic tune. In Merle Haggard’s version, it has a slower tempo which makes it mellow and soothing.

So, if you want to listen to Merle Haggard’s version of “Where No One Stands Alone,” you can watch his amazing cover below. 


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