September 3

Facing Her Inner Demons, Morgan Myles Gave ‘Mad At Myself’ a New Meaning

Every country music artist has this hidden side behind the bright smiles and fascinating glamour they emit onstage for the public. To mix career and personal lives is a dangerous path to take, but that danger didn’t stop Morgan Myles from converting her ‘Mad At Myself’ song from simply feeling heartbroken to ‘tired from self-doubt and antipathy.’

The sudden transformation of the single was because of the consecutive fall of her career’s status. She had problems with her manager, and she’s been experiencing personal losses. She decided to connect these puzzle pieces to see and understand the bigger picture. All these cemented her determination to continue pursuing her career despite the personal and professional challenges she is facing.

Building the Bigger Picture

She was on a trip to Los Angeles when everything made sense. She was actually mad at herself and she used the song as the medium to get the negative feelings out. She talked about the situation to her co-writers Riley Biederer, Scott Effman, and Jason Mater who helped her made revisions to fit the new concept.

In an interview, Morgan Myles further revealed that in her writing room, she felt invincible. She bombarded herself with questions she didn’t want to hear, thus leading her into embracing her imperfect self. She also said that the song released all the tension she was feeling. The balance was the support she got from all her producers and co-writers whole played significant roles in her battle of facing her inner demons leading to the culmination of the single.

Music is Morgan Myles’ Soul

The new meaning of Morgan Myles’ song was about facing her inner demons. Due to the professional and personal attacks she received from her former manager, she reflects on her mother’s words: “When the music doesn’t make you happy anymore — that’s when you know it’s time to quit”. But her passion for music does not allow her to do so. She said that music is a huge part of her soul, every single part of who she was.

‘Mad at Myself’ is now about how she succumbs to the loneliness she felt, and how she fights it to get back on track and to breathe new life into her career. It was a two-birds in one stone type of experience.

‘Mad at Myself’ is included in Morgan Myles’ 2020 ‘Therapy’ album. Get to know more about this country artist by listening to her single.


Morgan Myles

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