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August 24, 2020


August 24, 2020


August 24, 2020

Just because a person writes about something and published it as book does not make her an expert. To her credit, there’s always something to learn from an author’s  experience.

Live in Love” by Lauren Akins is just the perfect example of an imperfect family life turning into a splendid learning manual for new and old families alike. It’s reader-friendly for all ages and this could be your ultimate go-to book when you need ‘ordinary’ family advice.

To Live is to Love Where You Are and What You’ve Become

You might think that being Thomas Rhett’s wife gives Lauren Akins an edge to somehow skip common family problems such as petty husband-wife arguments or financial budget management. If that’s what you think, well perhaps, it’s time for you to grab a copy of “Live and Love.” It’s an honest narrative about how not all celebrities live grand like we expect them to be.

Lauren is just a normal housewife and a freelance author with a working husband and two children. Remember that this is a book about personal life, not about dealing with all the stress from being a celebrity. 

Her personal insights for her book is to give out ‘therapy’ feels for her readers, rather than making readers compare how different their lives are from hers. Its goal is to empathize and connect with the them. It’s also some sort of a humble guide from an experienced mother ready to pass all her learning moments to a both young and new mothers. 

Personal experience can’t always be our best teacher. Sometimes, we need to get it from other people’s experiences. That’s what makes “Live in Love” by Lauren Akins admirable. Plus, all the cited examples in her book are really straightforward. It explained how Akins  transitioned from leaving her career and devoting herself to motherhood, the post-anxiety feelings she felt, and how she finally adjusted and enjoyed the role of a homemaker and mother to her children with Rhett.

The Backstage of Rhett’s Celebrity Life

However perfect they may look as performers on stage, celebrities are real people with real problems.  Lauren Akins explained that she and Thomas Rhett often seek counseling, and she meant it in a good way. Families had their own pace of holistic development, depending on their jobs and depending on the way they handle things.

The gist of “Live in Love” by Lauren Akins  is that there’s no such thing as a perfect family, regardless of your status. But you can make the experience perfect when you learn to live and love yours and your family member’s imperfections.


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