August 14

Lauren Akins’ ‘Live and Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes’ Out on August 18

It was recently announced that Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren Akins is bound to release a book on the 18th of August. ‘Live and Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes’ has really good points in it as per the reviews. Without any question, one of Lauren Akins’ highlights in her book is her personal life with her husband, Thomas.

Although Rhett admitted that he really isn’t a fan of reading books, he appreciated his wife’s book and told the press that it was special. He sees the book as their memoir and manual into expressing his faith and discovering the purpose of his life.

The book has a wide range of audiences from teens to adults alike. It offered readers how to balance family life and keep the love alive and running.

A Novice Man to an Experienced Father

Rhett also shared while comparing the last book he read that on the inspirational and the non-fiction side of literature, Harry Potter is not on par with the wisdom imparted by his wife through the book. But on the flip-side, he had his cons with his wife’s book, too. He cannot read the book from an objective perspective because it includes personal activities they do as a family. He pointed out that the book talked about his experiences while he was only starting to grow a family and his journey transitioning from a man to a father.

Country artists like Thomas Rhett also have their personal lives other than their careers. And when we say ‘personal,’ he really meant personal. He wasn’t really comfortable leaking information about his daily life as a normal person without donning his admired superstar persona.

Thomas and Lauren Akins’ Everlasting Memoir

Nonetheless, he was still enthusiastic about the upcoming release of Lauren Akins’ book. He also realized that his process of adapting from being single to having a family can be a learning experience for novice fathers too. In the end, the book isn’t about him. It’s about the marvelous advice that Lauren Akins can give to her readers as she had her ropes in handling a family. It was also one of the ways his wife can leave a mark in the society by sharing her life, her experiences, and even some of her mishaps through her book in order to inspire other people.

From life’s lows to highs, ‘Live and Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes’ immortalizes the path Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins took together, serving as a guide to the newer generation.


Lauren Akins

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