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The Heartbreaking Story Behind “Alyssa Lies” by Jason Caroll


His name is still new, but that does not bother Jason Michael Carroll one bit. That is because most country music fans know Alyssa and knowing “Alyssa Lies” is far more important than knowing who he is. It does not matter where you are or what you are doing. The very first time you listen to this song, you will find it hard to sip and even harder to breathe. In 2006, Jason Michael Carroll wrote this song basing it on a true story. The song’s character is Caroll’s daughter, who made a new friend named Alyssa. Alyssa was a victim of bullies because she was different.

But, what would Alyssa lie about?

The Heartbreaking Story Behind "Alyssa Lies" by Jason Caroll 1

Story Behind “Alyssa Lies”

Hard to bear, Alyssa was beaten at home. She is a victim of physical abuse. The wrongdoer was believed to be Alyssa`s step-father. Her mother knew about him beating her. Yet, she decided to do nothing to keep her little girl safe. She only had Carroll`s daughter, Savanna Nicole, for a friend. Caroll once heard Savanna pray for Alyssa’s safety. Touched and bothered, Caroll reported the suspected abuse to the school. However, he was too late. One Monday morning Carroll and his daughter found out that Alyssa had been beaten to death. Alyssa died because nobody would help her, not even the people who knew the truth. That day, Caroll found it hard to explain to his 5-year-old daughter why Alyssa would not be at school anymore.

“’Cause she doesn’t lie in the classroom
She doesn’t lie anymore at school
Alyssa lies with Jesus
Because there’s nothin’ anyone would do.”

“Alyssa Lies” took Caroll nearly three years to pen because the song was emotionally hurting. Carroll often had migraines while writing, just by thinking about Alyssa’s fate. No matter what he wrote, he does not feel satisfied with his work. After three years, he felt it was as genuine as he could make it, and recorded the song.

Its Impact on Child Abuse

Even before the song hit the radio stations, a teacher from Augusta, Georgia, heard Carroll perform the song live. She requested a copy because she wanted her class to write an account on what they believe the song means to them. Two months later, the teacher called Carroll with a news. After her well-planned activity that included hearing the song, seven children came forward confessing they were also abused victims. Everyone received counseling and two were removed from their circumstances.

The song earned much attention for its message in the brutality and occurrence of abuse in all kinds.

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Alyssa Lies, Jason Michael Caroll

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