September 26

GoFundMe Launched for Josh Turner’s Crew Members

The devastating accident that happened to Josh Turner‘s crew members left the country star in a state of grief and mourning as his sound engineer died in the tragedy. A GoFundMe account was set up to benefit those individuals and their families to help pay for their care.

Josh Turner, Josh, Turner, GoFundMe, Victims
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Josh Turner’s GoFundMe Campaign

Turner reached out to his fans on his Facebook on Tuesday, the 24th of September to inform them on how to support the families of the victims involved.

Josh Turner, Josh, Turner, GoFundMe, Victims
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In the post, he detailed about how the prayers of his fans are felt, and that they should continue to pray for his crew.

“All of our crew suffered significant injuries and many have long roads to recovery. I would ask that you give them privacy during this time.”

He also linked the GoFundMe page in the post for the fans who wanted to contribute to the healing process of the victims of the crash.

“Many of you have asked where you can support the guys and their families. My management company has created a GoFundMe page for our road family for anyone wishing to contribute.”

The crash happened shortly after their latest show at the Vina Robles Amphitheater in Paso Robles on Wednesday night. According to KSBY, the crew bus was on the road for about 20 minutes when it suddenly veered off Highway 46 near Shandon just before midnight.

Josh Turner, Tour Bus, Josh, Turner
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The bus, which was pulling an equipment trailer, drove through a barbed-wire fence and dense vegetation. It hurtled about 20 feet off the road before plunging down an embankment. The front of the bus then crashed into the bottom of a dry riverbed.

Two people were ejected from the bus and one of them was killed. The other person who was ejected, along with six other occupants on the bus suffered moderate to severe injuries and were taken to the hospitals.

Turner was on another bus during the time of the accident.


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