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Josh Turner

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Josh Turner - I Wouldn’t Be A Man

Josh Turner’s Modern Take of the Hit Country Song “I Wouldn’t Be a Man”

Country singer Josh Turner gives his modern spin to the 1980s classic “I Wouldn’t Be A Man” by Don Williams. 

Josh Turner and Randy Travis +Three Wooden Crosses

Randy Travis And Josh Turner Take You On A Spiritual Journey With “Three Wooden Crosses”

Witness a spiritual experience as Randy Travis and Josh Turner perform Travis’ 2002 gospel hit “Three Wooden Crosses.” Check it out here.

Josh Turner + The Answer

Josh Turner’s “The Answer”: A Song About Overcoming Struggles Through God

Written with his best friend, “The Answer” is very sentimental for Josh Turner because it expresses his personal view on faith and life.

The Top Unforgettable Moments in CMA Fest History

The Most Unforgettable Moments in CMA Fest Throughout The Years

The legendary CMA Fest has endured five decades of bringing together country music fans with their most adored artists. Here are some moments we will never forget.

Josh Turner's Greatest Hits album is coming

Get Ready As Josh Turner’s Greatest Hits Album Will Be Released Soon

Josh Turner fans are in for a treat as he announces collection of his biggest hits and fan favorites, "Josh Turner: Greatest Hits."

25 songs about forgiveness

25 Country Songs About Forgiveness, Second Chances, Moving On, and Letting Go

In case you find yourself wondering where to begin your compassion journey, here are country songs about forgiveness to inspire you to forgive and move ahead in life.

10 Country Songs About Second Chances In Love

10 Country Songs About Second Chances In Love Just When You Thought The Flame’s Gone

Let’s face it, love will always be such a complicated thing. But whatever situation you are in, there will surely be country songs about second chances in love you will relate to.

Josh Turner - Another Try

Josh Turner’s “Another Try”: If there is a Second Chance

In 2008, Josh Turner, a known country and gospel singer, released the song 'Another Try,' which was part of his album Everything Is Fine.

Josh Turner - Three Wooden Crosses

Josh Turner Captivated Many Listeners With His Rendition of “Three Wooden Crosses”

Josh Turner's heartfelt cover of Randy Travis' "Three Wooden Crosses" in the series called Forever Country Cover Series reminded us why it has been a hit all along.

Five Country Songs on The Voice That Turned Judges’ Chairs

Five Country Songs on The Voice That Turned Judges’ Chairs 

Singing your favorite country songs in The Voice will make you feel like you’ve reached the highest peak, especially when the judges turn their chairs.

Josh Turner All Over Me

Josh Turner Sings About The Perfect Summer Day in “All Over Me”

“All Over Me” is another song that represents and gives the feel-good of summertime. Also, it is another proof of Josh Turner's honky-tonk temperament.

Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just Dance

Smiling and Problem-Free with Josh Turner’s “Why Don’t We Just Dance”

Life throws a lot of problems at you but listening to Josh Turner’s “Why Don’t We Just Dance” makes you want to forget all of them.

Best Country Gospel Songs

Here Are The Best Country Gospel Songs To Give You A Lift In These Difficult Times

Whether you’re a country fan or not, you’ll be amazed of how these country gospel songs will affect you the moment you listen to it.

Great is your faithfulness + Josh Turner

“Great Is Your Faithfulness” By Josh Turner Shows Us God’s True Love

Josh Turner gave us a beautiful, heartfelt rendition of the song “Great Is Your Faithfulness.” He included this hymn on his new album I Serve A Savior.

Get Smitten As You Savor The Song “Never Had a Reason” By Josh Turner

A good example of Josh Turner's pure talent is “Never Had A Reason.” The song depicts true and satisfying love. Listen for you will be inspired by the words and lyrics.

27 best country Songs Everyone Knows

27 Country Songs Everyone Knows That Will Surely Get You Going 

Here are 27 country songs everyone knows - even if you're not a fan - that will definitely get you going. Scroll down and pick your favorites!

Josh Turner and Sonya Isaacs’ Wonderful Rendition of “I Saw the Light” at the Opry

Josh Turner has a strong affiliation with gospel music. In this performance of a Hank William's classic "I Saw The Light," he was joined by Sonya Isaacs.

Randy Travis Sings “Forever And Ever, Amen” On Tik Tok With Josh Turner

Randy Travis Joined Josh Turner To Sing “Forever And Ever, Amen” On This TikTok Video

Randy Travis has joined TikTok and began posting on the addictive video platform. This includes his duet with Josh Turner for the romantic ballad "Forever and Ever, Amen."

Josh Turner & Randy Travis Sing “Forever And Ever, Amen” Live On Air

Josh Turner and Randy Travis Blessed Country Fans With “Forever And Ever, Amen” Live Performance

In 2020, country music heartthrob Josh Turner was joined by legendary Randy Travis for an emotional live performance of "Forever And Ever, Amen."

27 Country Songs With Color In The Title For Every Shade Of Emotion

Color plays an important role in creating certain moods. Now, why not combine that with a playlist of country songs with color in the title?

The Most Famous Country Singers From South Carolina

The Most Famous Country Singers From South Carolina You Might Have Not Known

Did you know that there’s a good number of male country singers from South Carolina too? The depth and breadth will surely surprise you!

Top 10 Country Singers With Deep Voice

Top 10 Country Singers With Deep Voice No One Can Resist

Fans go wild the moment these country singers with deep voice starts singing. Here are ten men in the genre with the most iconic baritone voices.

Josh Turner’s Children Perform one of His Gospel Songs “The River”

Josh Turner’s children were blessed with musical talent. After all, it runs through their blood with a country star father and a keyboardist mother.

Josh Turner and Wife Jennifer Ford

Meet Josh Turner’s Wife And His Biggest Cheerleader, Jennifer Ford

Josh Turner's wife, Jennifer Ford, has been the country singer’s biggest cheerleader before he even debuted. Get to know more about her here.

Everything You Need To Know About Josh Turner

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Josh Turner

It is undeniable that Josh Turner is one of the most recognizable hitmakers in country music. So, we gathered everything we know about him here!

15 Josh Turner Songs

15 Best Josh Turner Songs To Dive In and Get To Know Him

Get ready to play this set of Josh Turner songs on repeat. It’s a collection of chart-topping hits to tracks that will tug your hearts and soul.

Escape the World For A While with Josh Turner’s “Lay Low”

“Lay Low” is a ballad that makes you appreciate country music. Listen for Josh Turner will make you listen to country music over and over again.

Josh Turner's "Hometown Girl"

Last Song Syndrome: Josh Turner’s “Hometown Girl”

Do you know someone who thinks they’d never forget their small-town upbringing? Well, this is what Josh Turner's "Hometown Girl" is all about.

Josh Turner's "Me and God"

Josh Turner’s “Me and God” Is What Every Soul Needs Today

Bow down and say your prayers as you listen to “Me And God” by Josh Turner. Also, the song can make your connection with God stronger.

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