Will you dance with Josh Turner? I bet your answer will be a big YES! Well, in this article I will be showing you what the song “Why Don’t We Just Dance” talks about and how this song become Josh Turner’s third number one country hit song.

“Why Don’t We Just Dance”

American songwriters Jim Beavers, Jonathan Singleton, and Darrell Brown wrote this song. Josh Turner recorded the song and was released in August 2009 as a single from his fourth album, Haywire.

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Upon its release, the song became the most played songs in four consecutive weeks. Since the song became a success, Turner considered this song as his third number one hit in February 2010. In 2006, he released his song “Would You Go With Me” and “Your Man” and they also topped the country hit songs.

According to Turner, the first thing that caught his attention while listening to this song is the melody and the words used in the song. As soon as other critics heard the song, it immediately received positive feedback from them.

About the Song

Why Don't We Dance, Josh Turner

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“Why Don’t We Just Dance” has a simple story behind it. The narrator suggested to have a dance with his lover and forget about the troubles that come into their lives. In addition, one of the writers got the idea of writing this song. It was because of the economy revolving around their community; the depression was getting worse.

Thus, many people were affected so the writers would like to come up with an uplifting title and Beavers have suggested that,
Everything is basically going to Hell in a hand basket, so why don’t we just dance?’
So, they came out having a song titled “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”
The whole wide world has gone crazy.
So baby, why don’t we just dance

Honestly, we cannot stop the world from having unending issues; but we can help ourselves to overcome it. Instead of worrying too much, why not enjoy every blessing that comes into our lives because the more we think of the problem, the more it gets worse.

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