August 9

“You Can Let Go”, Remembering Papa, Our Cancer Warrior

“You Can Let Go” is a song by Crystal Shawanda released in 2008. The song dwells on father-daughter relationship from childhood into adulthood. It intends to send a powerful message of a father’s role in our lives. In this article, we’ll pay tribute to our brave cancer patient, Papa Matt.

Papa Matt, Our Cancer Warrior

Papa Matt was one of the kindest persons I ever knew. He was always smiling and joking around whenever we visit their house. He was a family man. He loved his dogs so much. He went along well with all the people he interacts with. He was a man of a pure heart.

He was working overseas to provide for their family. After a few years in service, he was constantly in pain for an unknown cause. It was until he decided to come home that our family found out about his illness. It was heartbreaking, bone cancer.

you can let go
Photo Credit: Uncle Matt’s Facebook Page

The battle was tough and an emotional roller-coaster ride. It was a mixture of high hopes, disagreements, happiness, and sadness. But Papa was strong, he fought and he fought hard. There goes our warrior, was still a joker even when in pain.

It was in 2017 when we had to say goodbye. We lost Papa Matt to cancer. It was a bittersweet one. Bitter because we were no longer with Papa. The man who always go for the right decisions in life, our life adviser, my favorite uncle whom I also called Papa. Sweet goes with finally being with God. No more pain, no more suffering

As I reminisce the last few moments of the burial, this one last song played for him said it all.

“Pa, your children are ready to do things on our own. It’s still scary but we want you to know, we’ll be okay Papa, you can let go.”

Watch the heartwarming video of “You Can Let Go” here:

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