June 21, 2021

Kenny Chesney’s “Get Along” is the Perfect Campfire Song

Can’t we all just get along? Kenny Chesney’s “Get Along” is a song about the quirks of life, the complexities, and how similar we all are with each other. Not everyone might share the same views, experiences, or stories. The song, however, talks about the bigger picture. In the end, we might all just be struggling with the same problems.

The brilliance of the song is in how the song finds unity in struggle and not just in the good things. Not everyone might admit that we’ve had happy days. Everyone, however, could say they’ve had days that were a little more grey than blue.

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The song was formulated by the minds of Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, and Ross Copperman and was released in April 2018. The song was the first of Kenny Chesney songs that were released from Warner Bros. Records, which he signed after 20 years with Sony Music.

The switch is quite evident as the positivity just seeps through the lyrics. The perfect song to be sung with friends. Rolling Stones described “Get Along” by Kenny Chesney as one that “encourages altruism” in a complicated world. One thing we can all do is share the small good times with each other.

Kenny Chesney felt the difference in how the song broke down the complexities and found a common ground that listeners can all sing to. The song talks about the “basic stuff” which the country superstar said is where joy, love, and happiness is.

The song achieved double Platinum with over 2,000,000 copies sold. A performance by Chesney at the ACM Awards saw the song jump to No. 11 right after.

If you feel like you’re left out, Kenny Chesney’s “Get Along” gives assurance you’re not.


Kenny Chesney

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