February 11

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney has been a staple name in country music for several years now. From his countless hit songs, and awards to his sold-out tours and the loyal fans he named No Shoe Nation, he is well on his way to going down in history as one of the best in his genre.  

That said, it’s easy to think that you already know all about him—and you probably do—especially if you’re an avid member of the No Shoe Nation. 

But in case you’re still curious anyway, here are 10 things you might not know about the country superstar, Kenny Chesney

1. He showers three times a day but doesn’t use soap.

Despite constantly being on the road performing on tours, Kenny Chesney prides himself on being clean. He told People that he takes three showers a day because he hates feeling sticky. But interestingly, he also pointed out that he doesn’t use soap, opting instead for body wash. As he said, he prefers to use body wash because using soap freaks him out. 

2. His music was first rejected by a girl. 

Kenny Chesney wrote his first song for a girl in hopes of being with her. But it didn’t turn out as well as he had hoped because instead of getting a girlfriend, he and his music got their first rejection. He also said in TODAY that rejection is what every songwriter and entertainer feel when trying to get a break in the business. 

3. He likes to bite his nails.

A lot of parents often have a hard time stopping their kids from constantly biting their nails. And no one can blame them because nail-biting can be a really difficult habit to break. As it turns out, Kenny Chesney is also a victim of this addictive habit. According to him, he has been biting his nails ever since he was a kid and has since tried to stop, with no such luck. 

4. He wrote a song after his favorite sandwich.

Fans know that Chesney’s favorite sandwich is grilled cheese—not those fancy ones with extra ingredients, but just plain old grilled cheese with extra salt. However, did you know that he actually wrote a song after it? That’s right. He said it was called “Red Wine and Grilled Cheese,” and even went on to say he might put it on record one day.

5. He hires people by asking about their families. 

When asked in an interview what he usually asks when hiring people, Chesney answered with, “I would like to know how close they are with their family.” He stressed the significance of having support around his employees, given the heavy demands of the road. He wants to know if the applicant can “roll with the flow,” and if their families can too. 

6. He called his first guitar “The Terminator.” 

He did. When the gift he received for one Christmas was a guitar, Chesney decided to call it “The Terminator.” He then started learning how to play it by teaching himself. It turns out his career choice was already set from a young age. 

7. He has an advertising degree. 

Most would think that with six Academy of Country Music awards, 31 number-one singles on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs, and 9 awards from the CMA (Country Music Association), Kenny Chesney would’ve graduated with a degree related to music, right? But no, that is not the case for this country music artist. 

Chesney majored in advertising at East Tennessee State University and graduated in 1990, but quickly after he got his advertising degree, he moved to Nashville for his music career. 

8. He has a middle name, and it’s Arnold.

As far as stage names are concerned, most artists stick to a first and a last name, or even just a single name. So, it’s not a surprise that not many fans know Chesney’s middle name, or even that he has one. But a quick search will reveal that Kenny Chesney does indeed have a middle name, and it’s Arnold. So, that makes his full name, Kenneth Arnold Chesney. 

9. He was almost a victim of the 9/11 attack. 

Chesney and his crew were set to shoot a video for “The Tin Man” on September 11, 2001, just one block away from the World Trade Center. But weeks before, the shoot was canceled. When the news of the attacks came up, Chesney believed guardian angels were watching over him. 

10. He is also a film director. 

Chesney is not only well versed in music. His talents and skills also extend to film, as was shown when he co-directed and produced an hour-long documentary film entitled “The Boys of Fall” for ESPN back in 2010. The documentary portrayed the narrative of life through the eyes of football. 


Kenny Chesney

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