January 10

Home Free Gave Maren Morris’ “My Church” Some Gospel Twist

In 2016, Home Free made another music video, and this time they went with one of the hottest country songs played on the radio over the past decade, “My Church.” 

The a cappella group took the song’s gospel vibe one step further by giving it a real gospel twist. Shot in front of an old car, Home Free added an element of gospel to their version. The members took turns singing lead. But whenever they sing together on the chorus, you’ll absolutely feel your spine tingling with their perfect harmonies.

Indeed, the group was able to take it and make “My Church” entirely their own. It was no longer a surprise when Home Free’s rendition quickly became a fan-favorite all over the world.

The Story Behind The Song

Written by Maren Morris with songwriter Busbee, “My Church” tells the tale of a woman who figuratively used the church in describing the sanctuary she feels in her car every time she plays music on the Highway FM radio as she drives.

As she listens to country icons such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, she feels her cold heart burning and finds her soul revival.

“Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen? Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya when I play the highway FM. I find my soul revival. Singing every single verse. Yeah, I guess that’s my church,” the song goes.

The song idea came to Morris while driving by herself and listening to music in California. She found herself having such a good time despite her recent breakup and frustrations by her lack of a solid idea. Morris then thought to herself that this was her church. 

“I was driving around, and all of a sudden, it just hit me – the title, ‘My Church,’ popped in my mind. I was maybe looking for some sort of salvation at that moment on that writing trip. It was an escape for me – and not really a religious one, just something to get out of my own head,” Morris recalled.

Although she can no longer pinpoint the exact song at the time, she said: “I just remember my windows were rolled down, and I saw the ocean come into view, and I remember whatever song was on the radio really moved me emotionally, and I just thought to myself, ‘You know, this is like church to me.'”

The singer can’t help but feel really thankful to be out of Nashville for a second. She finds country music to be her religion in a way. After all, that’s what she grew up listening to.

Morris released “My Church” as the lead single off her 2016 debut album, Hero. Several fans relate to the song that it quickly reached No. 9 of Billboard US Country Airplay and No. 5 of Billboard US Hot Country Songs. Not only that, but it also took home the Best Country Solo Performance award and Best Country Song nomination during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

“When you think about Johnny Cash’s ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ and Hank Williams – where do I even begin with his catalog? – it’s church to me. And I know it is for a lot of other people, too,” she said.

You can listen to “My Church” in the video below.


Home Free, Maren Morris

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