Just how many artists did Home Free already make proud by giving justice to their songs? Definitely, countless! And they’re not yet done penetrating the music world with their brilliant covers of a variety of songs. Meanwhile, their followers are always on the lookout for their next song cover to fall for. Indeed, Home Free’s impeccable singing talents never failed to delight their fans. With it, they were able to make a song into something that’s unique and impactful. Apart from that, and more importantly, their ability to make every song cover sound like their own is so brilliant.

Speaking of such, here’s their spirited interpretation of Maren Morris’ breakout hit “My Church.”

“My Church:” A Gospel Spin

The Minnesota quintet gives the country chanteuse Maren Morris just another reason to be happy with their flawless and spirited rendition of her award-winning song. They took the song on a lighter mood to make it sound like a real gospel song. As always, their addictive beats and harmonies brought the song to greater heights. Their performance is way beyond description.

About the Song

“My Church” is Morris’ debut single from her debut album Hero. The church she’s referring her in her song is her car. That’s where she finds her sanctuary every time she drives while listening to music on the Highway FM radio. In particular, the song referenced country legends Johnny Cash and Hank Williams’ music being listened to. She likened the simple joy that comes from that experience to a church revival. Hence, the song’s title. Although the song never reached No. 1 on the charts, it gave Morris multiple awards. In particular, “My Church” earned the singer an award for Best Country Solo Performance and a nomination for Best Country Song from Grammy. In addition, she won the title Best New Artist from the Country Music Association Awards. Morris co-wrote as well co-produced the song with Busbee.

Watch the music video for Morris’ original version of “My Church” below.

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