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Country Music Knows No Rest: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Restless Road

Restless Road came into the limelight in 2013 when it finished 4th place on the third season of the X Factor. This American country band was under the mentorship of Simon Cowell, who was also key in putting the band together.

The original Restless Road members were Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack, and Zach Beeken. However, members were added over the years to replace the original ones who left. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this enduring country band and where it’s heading:

From solo to group each other’s hero: Three boys auditioned for X-Factor USA

The original members of Restless Road originally joined X Factor in hopes to make it as solo artists. Each of them captured the heart of the audience and the judges. Yet, all of them didn’t make it to the top 40. 

Later on in the competition, famous producer and esteemed judge, Simon Cowell, invited the three to the Four Chair Challenge phase. As the judges offered to group them in a band, Simon Cowell became their mentor. 

Coincidentally, famous singer/songwriter Kane Brown also started in this competition and was invited to be part of the band. But, he said no to test his luck pursuing his solo career. Kane would later play an important role in boosting the band’s reach.

Anyhow, as the band finished 4th place in the competition, their success was almost sure-fire. The original members of Restless Band included Zach, Colton, and Andrew. 

Zachary Ryan Beeken came from Wichita, Kansas. Colton Lane Pack was from Danese, West Virginia and Andre came from Summerville, South Carolina.

Like the rest of the upcoming country stars, they moved together to Nashville, Tennessee. Conversely, their short-lived success as the original trio was cut short a year later because one member had to leave.

Colton left the group in 2014

In February 2014, Colton left the group to pursue his dream as a solo artist. Through a notes app screenshot, he shared his goodbye message to the fans of their band. He said that he joined the X Factor in hopes of succeeding as a solo performer. Being in a group felt like he was going astray from his true calling, which is being a solo artist.

Despite his departure, Andrew and Zach remained unfazed in continuing what they started together. 

Soon enough, the empty spot has been filled.

Jared Keim joined the band in the same year Colton left

The newest member of the Restless Road in 2014 was welcomed by the fans warmly. Jared Keim was 20 years old when he joined the band. With his years of experience in songwriting and playing music in events, he’s become a notable additional talent to the group.

Restless Road officially introduced him to the public by releasing a new YouTube video on its official Facebook page. It was a song cover featuring One Direction’s hit single called “You and I.” Jared was named as the new member of the band after the song. It was a momentous instant for the new trio as the video reached 42,000 views within six days.

The overall response to the addition of Jared was overwhelmingly positive through social media. 

However, the new trio had to flip another page as another original member decided to leave a year later.

Andrew Scholtz left the band in 2015 and Garrett Nichols replaced him

Jared and Zach announced that fellow member Andrew decided to pursue a solo career in the music industry. In the same year, the former season 13 American Idol participant Garrett Nichols took his place.

In an interview with Nashville Noise, Garrett said that they would fit as a band because of their collective love for country music. He also added that when they started singing together, they sang powerful harmonies that he felt helped them connect on a personal level.

This set of trio lasted for three years as Jared Keim decided to leave later on.

Jared Keim left in 2018

Like the rest of the original members who left, Jared also decided that going solo would be best for him. He’s now focusing on his producing and songwriting career.

Colton pack rejoins remaining band members; they all start working with Kane brown

The start of 2020 was truly a trying time for the band as Colton Pack dared to rejoin the pact again. Consequently, their fellow X Factor contestant and friend Kane Brown offered to sign them to his new label. Together, they’re working with Sony Music Nashville.

The revamped band went with Kane on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour. On February 27, 2020, Kane and Restless Road released their debut EP featuring the called “Take Me Home.”

As of writing, their rendition of the John Denver original “Take Me Home, Country Roads” over a million views on YouTube.

Full album on its way, live streams every week

In a 2020 interview with Entertainment Focus, Colton said that they’re working towards releasing a full-length album. They’ve been focusing on writing songs throughout the quarantine period. 

Zach (25), Colton (26), and Garrett (24) continue to try connecting to their fans during the pandemic. The trio has been doing weekly live streams on their Instagram and Facebook page. They play songs of their latest EP and catch up on their music writing journey. 

Going restless over the latest this new country band’s next releases?

Watch Restless Road in its self-titled EP and single with Kane Brown, “Take Me Home:”


Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack, Jared Keim, Restless Road, Zach Beeken

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