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The Highwomen is a Response to ‘Systematic Problem’ of Women in Country Music


Arguably, The Highwomen has attracted a lot of attention, not only because these women revived a beloved classic supergroup, but also because of its members, Natalie Hemby, Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires. All have successful careers prior to the project.

The Highwomen, Highwomen, women
via Rolling Stone

And, they knew that the only way they could combat how women are being left out of the country music genre was to tackle it together.

The Highwomen Stick Together for Change

Morris got candid on Apple Music Beats 1 about the current state of The Highwomen and how the project comes at a very timely place.

“We all have our own solo things going on, but I think that coming together on a project like this in a timely fashion, it just felt like the right move. I’m sure you’ve heard about this very severe lack of women representation on country radio, which we’re trying to combat with this album and this movement. I really felt like I had no choice but to join because we needed to band together now more than ever.”

The Highwomen, Highwomen, women
via The Tennessean

Carlile agreed on that statement, adding that the lack of women representation in country music is a ‘systemic problem.’

“I think it’s a systemic problem in our country right now. I think that country music is the story of rural America, and it’s really important that it reaches young girls in small towns, and that the story of the other half of the human race is being told, so that they can find themselves in the arts, just like we all found ourselves in the arts.”

Although The Highwomen wants to make this issue known, they also aim to make great music that would touch everyone that would hear.

“I think what’s gonna fix it is really good music, but also whether or not we’re willing to stand side by side and not compete with one another, hold the door open for other women, and amplify each other. The Highwomen movement, it sets out to do that. We hope that everybody will want to be a Highwoman.”

The Highwomen, Highwomen, women
via PopCulture

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