Kenny Rogers & Anne Murray + If I Ever Fall In Love Again


Riley Johnson


February 1, 2024


February 1, 2024


February 1, 2024

Loving again after your heart has been shattered into pieces is not easy, and Kenny Rogers and Anne Murray understood that. In fact, they sang a song about it titled “If I Ever Fall in Love Again.”

Written by Steve Dordd and Gloria Sklerov, this country-pop duet was released by both Rogers and Murray in their respective albums in 1989. Rogers included it in his twenty-first studio album Something Inside So Strong, which also featured Gladys Knight, Holly Dunn, and Ronald Isley as duet partners. Murray, on the other hand, recorded it as the first single off her 10-track Greatest Hits Volume II. This was also one of three new songs in the album. 

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The song was well-received by fans, reaching six and nine on the Canadian Adult Contemporary and the Country Tracks charts, respectively. It also charted on the US Hot Country Songs, peaking at number 28.

Meaning Behind the Song

“If I Ever Fall in Love Again” is all about giving love a second chance despite the pain of heartbreak. Because sometimes, someone’s just worth all of it. 

Kenny Rogers opens with the first verse, singing, “You, I know you’re everything / That I’ve been looking for.” He then went on to serenade, saying that he couldn’t ask for more. His signature husky voice setting that romantic tone of the song. Anne Murray then hits the pre-chorus, hinting at a note of sadness as she tells her lover to hold on because she needs a little time. 

They then join voices for the chorus, taking the listeners to vocal heaven. They sing, “I know it’s gonna be with you / You’re the one to pull me through.”

In the bridge, they confess they’d be a fool to let go because they know they already have the best thing in their life. And no matter what happens, if they ever fall in love again, it will be with that person. 

One thing we’ll say is if you enjoyed Kenny Rogers and Anne Murray’s ear-melting recorded version of “If I Ever Fall in Love Again,” you’ll absolutely love their live performance. Catch it in the video below. 


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