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10 of the Best Gary Allan Songs of All Time

Gary Allan has created one of the most dependable careers in the country music scene ever since his debut in 1996. All thanks to the way these Gary Allan songs pay tribute to the great Nashville and Los Angeles from the 1960s and 1970s while maintaining their modern flavor.

He released thirty-two singles throughout the years, and every one of them has appeared on multiple music charts. On top of that, the Recording Industry Association of America has given three out of his ten studio albums Platinum certifications and four Gold. 

So for those looking for some of Gary Allan‘s most memorable songs, here are ten of his best ones that you must check out. To clarify, we didn’t rank these songs in any particular order. 

1. Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)

While part of the “Set You Free” certified Gold album released on January 22, 2013, “Every Storm” was actually released before it, on September 12, 2012. Allan co-wrote this song with Hillary Lindsey, and she also sang backup for him in it. The song peaked at number one on multiple charts, including the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and the US Billboard Country Airplay. 

2. Tough Little Boys

While Gary Allan usually portrays himself as a tough guy that nobody can touch in his songs, this one shows a different side of the man. Co-written by the late Harley Allen, “Tough Little Boys” portrays a sentimental Gary Allan that watches his child’s journey growing up. It was one of the most heartfelt and top-tier performances in his career.

3. Watching Airplanes

Coming from his 2007 “Living Hard” album, “Watching Airplanes,” is the tenth of Gary Allan’s hits to reach the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart’s top ten. It peaked in the number two spot and received the RIAA’s Platinum certification. The song also received a nomination during the 2008 Academy of Country Music Awards for Single Record of the Year. 

4. Nothing on but the Radio 

Not many male vocalists can match the attention that Gary Allan can demand from his female fans. This 2004 piece, “Nothing on But the Radio,” is considered the sexiest of all the Gary Allan Songs released throughout his two-decade-long career. 

5. Right Where I Need To Be

The single “Right Where I Need to Be” is from another Platinum-certified Gary Allan album, Smoke Rings in the Dark. While it only peaked at number five on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2000, the song is actually his most commercially successful single. 

6. Best I Ever Had

The original song from Vertical Horizon was a massive hit, especially on the 2001 Rock Charts. So naturally, many people doubted that a country singer could live up to its standards. Allan not only did that with his version of “Best I Ever Had” but even delivered vocals that made the song turn into his eighth single to hit the top ten. 

7. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful 

One of the song’s co-writers is Cyndi Goodman, the songwriter behind the chart-topping piece “What I Really Meant To Say.” This ballad was created with an artist mentality and is evident in how well-written it is. The song talks about how a person’s journey in life won’t always be smooth.  

8. It Ain’t the Whiskey 

The song comes from Gary Allan’s “Set You Free” album in 2013 and only landed at the fortieth place on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. However, “It Ain’t the Whiskey” still received an RIAA Gold Certification due to the number of copies sold. The ballad features an exceptional guitar solo, quickly making it popular with fans of his music. 

9. Man to Man

The story told in the song revolves around the mutual rivalry of two men over a girl and how they should’ve solved their issues man to man. Released on October 2, 2001, “Man to Man” came from Garry Allan’s “Alright Guy” album. After its release, the song became the first single in Allan’s career to hit the number-one spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

10. Get Off on the Pain 

Gary Allan’s Get Off on the Pain hit the top 20 when it got released in 2010. This fine song showed fans Allan’s more bluesy side, which fans welcomed with open arms. The song showcases Allan’s revelry in misery in such a great way. Although no one likes heartaches, they sometimes lead to a lot of company in the world of country music. 

Here are More of the Best Gary Allan Songs of All Time 

There are many more Gary Allan Songs worth listening to if you like his style of music. The man, after all, is a factory of great hits. So, to bring justice to some of his greatest hits that didn’t make the spotlight list above, here are another ten songs from Gary Allan you shouldn’t miss:

  • The One 
  • A Feelin Like That
  • Smoke Rings in the Dark
  • Man of Me
  • Learning How to Bend
  • Pieces
  • It Would Be You
  • Her Man
  • Today
  • Hangover Tonight

Completed your list of Gary Allan Songs you want to listen to now?


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