October 28

What Does the Song “Man to Man” By Gary Allan Trying To Convey?

Gary Allan’s “Man to Man” is a unique song composed by Jamie O’Hara. In September 2002, Allan released the song as his third and last single for the album Alright Guy. Surprisingly, in March 2003, it rose to number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Consequently, it also ranked at number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

If you have listened to the song, then you will notice that “Man To Man” is Gary Allan‘s side of the story. It seems that he is telling his lady’s former boyfriend that everything was his fault and that he can’t get her back again because it’s already too late. “You want her back, and it’s too late.” And the ex-boyfriend was never there when she needed him. Most importantly, he tells the ex-boyfriend that they should talk “man to man.” “Why don’t we call a spade a spade” This is probably the overall message of the song, however, it sounds a bit too abrasive. Although the lyrics are quite rough, however, it is also realistic. 

Well, it seems that this whole thing might have happened to the writer of the song, Jamie O’Hara. What do you think?

Since 1996, when Gary Allan joined the country music scene, he has become successful. Most of Gary Allan songs are meaningful in that it touches the hearts of his fans. Some of his best songs include “Get Off On The Pain,” which reflects his bluesy side, “Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain,” which compares a relationship to the different cycles of the storm, “Her Man,” which shows that the man feels contented to be with his lover, and many more.

Gary Allan’s first number one is the song “Man To Man.” Although you might find that Allan’s vocal in this song was a bit harsh, however, it was just perfect for the song’s lyrics.

Are you already intrigued by the song? If so, then watch the video here:


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