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Is David Lee Murphy married? Everything You Need To Know About The Country Singer

Before David Lee Murphy became a million-selling singer-songwriter, he had been writing songs for other country music artists. Soon enough, his songs got recorded by big country artists like Reba McEntire. Along that road, one opportunity opened up for him, and he landed himself a record deal.

And thanks to that, we can enjoy his many hit songs (and country radio staples) including “Dust on the Bottle,” “Party Crowd,” “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” “Out with a Bang,” “Every Time I Get Around You,” “The Road You Leave Behind,” and “Loco.”

Early Life and Career: Who is David Lee Murphy?

David Lee Murphy was born on January 7, 1959, in Herrin, Illinois, to schoolteacher parents Jessie West and Jack Murphy. He has one older brother named Mike. As a young kid, he didn’t really like studying books; instead, he loved analyzing the sounds of ‘outlaw’ country musicians, just like Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Aside from that, he also loved listening to southern rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and Z.Z. Top. Soon enough, he made his way to the Music City, Nashville.

But when he arrived in town, he was rejected by every label that he eventually turned his efforts into writing songs for other artists. He also spent his time playing with his four-piece band, The Blue Tick Hounds, performing everywhere they could get a gig. Unfortunately, their band’s style didn’t fit in with the commercial groove at the time, so they didn’t land any record deal. 

While he may be unlucky with his band, his songwriting proved to be a hit with so many artists, just like Reba McEntire and Dobie Gray. But it was in 1994 that an opportunity finally opened for him. His song “Just Once” was featured by Grammy-winning producer Tony Brown on the soundtrack of the rodeo movie 8 seconds. The next thing he knew, he landed a record deal. 

He released his debut album Out With a Bang in 1995. And true to its name, it did come with a bang, earning him his massive hits “Party Crowd” and “Dust on the Bottle.” And ever since then, he enjoyed back-to-back success until his recording hiatus in 2004. 

Is David Lee Murphy married?

Yes, he is married. David Lee Murphy’s wife is Donna Restivo, and the couple has three sons together. They live on a secluded farm just outside of Nashville. Unlike his resounding career success, Murphy prefers to keep his personal and family life private. 

Where is he now?

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After his recording hiatus in 2004, Murphy focused on writing records for other artists. And it wasn’t surprising that with his level of talent, he became one of the most in-demand songwriters for post-millennial country stars like Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, and Blake Shelton. And he had won several awards for his songwriting.

He actually had no plan to go back and perform, but things took a turn for him one night after he sent some songs over to Kenny Chesney. 

Chesney called him up and told him that he should be making another record. As Murphy said, it was hard to say no to Chesney. And so he did. Over the course of the next year, they got together and picked out songs. Murphy wanted to showcase fresh new songs and release a record that was just fun and something that people could play anywhere, anytime. And in 2018, David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney released a studio collaboration album titled No Zip Code featuring their hit single, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

As of now, David Lee Murphy is busy with his shows and tours. You can catch his updated tour dates on his official website.


David Lee Murphy

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