October 14

Remember When Kid Rock And Hank Williams Jr. Team Up For “Redneck Paradise”?

Two profound names in the music industry teamed up for the song “Redneck Paradise,” and it thrilled all their fans. 

It is no secret, Kid Rock and the country music royalty Hank Williams Jr. have one of the best bromances in the business. And they had just taken their friendship to the next level when Williams joined Rock for “Redneck Paradise,” which appeared on Rock’s 2012 studio album, Rebel Soul.

The soulful song plays into the singers’ deep roots as they sing about whiskey, wine, and absolutely having a good time!

Unbelievably Southern And Downright Touching Tune

Written by southern rockers, The Young Brothers in 2007, “Redneck Paradise” was inspired by the simple life they’ve lived and loved, as well as the people and places involved.

The Young Brothers once revealed in an interview that there was no doubt it was intended for Kid Rock when they wrote the song. “No Exaggeration… it was an instantaneous thought/vibe, after listening back to our completed song,” said The Young Brothers. “Our second choice would’ve been Shooter Jennings, but we felt it had Kid Rock written all over it.”

The music video for “Redneck Paradise” made country fans even more excited about their own country roots too.

 While glorifying their Southern ways, the two phenomenal singers shot an epic music video to accompany their deep southern anthem. They took their lifestyle to the next level by starting their thrilling music video with some hunting in the countryside, sheltered in a blind while sporting their camouflage hunting gear. As Rock fired off his first-round aimed directly at his target, the song’s intro started to play.

The two singers were then seen sitting on a small table at a countrified bar, with a cigar in one hand and beer in the other, as they were singing the hard-rocking lyrics.

The two buddies went on, proudly inviting viewers into their paradise. “Down in Redneck Paradise. It’s a hole in the wall kinda small just look for the red light. And have no fear you’re free and clear to get wild and rock all night. We don’t bite ’cause we get downright in Redneck Paradise,” the song goes.

Can anything get any more homegrown than this? Be sure to check out this unbelievably Southern, downright touching music video by Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. below!


Hank Williams Jr., Kid Rock

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