April 2

Dying Husband Kisses his Wife for the Last Time

Goodbyes can have a lot of meanings depending on the situation. Some say that goodbyes are just the beginning of a new chapter but in most cases, it is the end. Moreover, saying this lonely word to a loved one is hard especially if you know that it will be permanent. It’s hard to forget their presence, their smile, and their laughter. In addition, getting over the loss of a friend and a family member is easier said than done. Like the 88-year-old husband who kisses his 64-year-old wife for the last time. He wanted to spend the last moments of his life with his better half.

Husband, goodbye
Photo Credits: Youtube.com

No one wants to experience this because it’s hard to recover from this catastrophic event. Plus, other people will need years to recover. Anyhow, did you experience this unwanted feeling? What did you do to get back on your feet?

Husband and Wife: Till Death Do Us Part

A husband and his wife who vowed to be together in their lifetime, are supposed to fulfill their promises of “Till death do us part.” Recently, a video of a husband who is saying goodbye to his wife was posted on the internet. This clip went viral and a lot of people were moved by their love for each other. And, it seems that they swore to see each other in the afterlife.

Husband, goodbye
Photo Credits: funnynamesblog.com

The elderly husband showed us that even though death is a painful final goodbye, it can turn into a romantic moment.

I Will Wait For You

The viral video of an elderly husband bidding his final goodbye to his wife was taken three days before he died. On the video, the man kissed his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Miraculously, she was able to recognize her husband and she murmured “Oh I got it!” This video reminds us to spend more time with our loved ones because you’ll never know when their time would be up.


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