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Deacon Frey Is Excelling In His Role As His Father’s Successor

Being the founding member of the rock band the Eagles, one can tell that Glenn Frey is irreplaceable. However, if anyone is fit to succeed him, it’s definitely going to be his son Deacon Frey.

And he proves to do so when he’s taken over his legendary father’s role in the years since Glen Frey died in 2016. It was as much a surprise to fans with the fact that the band decided to continue even with the elder Frey’s death.

Deacon Frey then made such a promising debut — in front of 55,000 concertgoers during the Classic West concert in Los Angeles in July 2017. 

Don Henley, Eagles’ drummer and co-lead vocalist, said he was impressed by how Deacon Frey composed himself at that moment. He was only 24 years old then and had only played for 150 people. It’s amazing how he decided to “pick up the torch and carry it forward” instead of just living in his father’s shadow.

His Role As His Father’s Rational And Emotional Successor 

Don Henley added that looking out to where Glenn Frey’s son was standing, you can’t deny that the way he’s sporting his long hair and a mustache is reminiscent of the late Frey’s in 1976. Though Deacon is taller, Henley finds it “freaky” just by looking at him from the back.

Moreover, Deacon has also made his record debut with the iconic group on their live album, where he sang lead in place of his father on one of Glenn’s signature songs, “Take it Easy.”

Deacon Frey’s “Take It Easy” shows off the younger Frey’s vocal, which is absolutely a dead ringer for his father. At the same time, he proves Deacon is more than capable of bringing in the song to the highest professional specifications that have always been the Eagles’ trademark.

What We Know About The Younger Frey

Deacon was born on April 17, 1993, which makes him 28 years old today. His mother is dancer and choreographer Cindy Millican – whom Glenn Frey married in 1990. He has two more siblings: Taylor and Otis.

Making music is an inseparable part of Deacon’s life. Of course, music was a mainstay in his home in Los Angeles, where he grew up. Deacon recalled how they always had great records all over their house, and his parents would always listen to “really good music.” He believes that the songs his parents would play for him surely had a big effect – though his own tastes of music drifted towards soul music and Steely Dan. 

Deacon started playing the guitar – which was a Christmas present to him – when he was only seven years old. And since then, the young artist “pretty much played music,” taking lessons for about three years. He kept playing and teaching himself after that.

When he was ten years old, Deacon became deeply aware of how legendary his father was. He began going to his father’s shows – not just as a kid running around the backstage, but to watch his father do it. Deacon remembers how eye-opening it was, thinking of it as “pretty crazy.”

But his father’s music never pushed him; he generally educated himself with the band – listening to it on his own time – and as a solo artist. Still, his father would give him some tips, especially once he started spreading his wings. 

On the other hand, Deacon’s life outside the band Eagles is still quite a mystery! In fact, there has never been any information about Deacon being married or having a girlfriend.

But one thing is for sure, several years into his tenure with his late father’s band, Deacon Frey finds things relatively peaceful and easy at the same time, surreal. He said that though it’s a little crazy, he is trying to stay grounded as much as he can and remember exactly what he’s doing – and that’s not trying to be his father.

Well, with his easy-going demeanor and killer vocals, it was no longer a surprise why Deacon Frey won over crowds. We know his father is proud of him!


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