February 12

Deacon Frey Leads “Take It Easy” in Place of Dad

Music does indeed run in the Frey family as Glenn Frey’s son, Deacon Frey, sings lead vocals for one of the Eagles’ classics in place of his dad. Deacon Frey’s version of “Take it Easy” sparks nostalgia and sentimentality, with the song being one of his dad’s most iconic and the band’s debut single. 

Glenn Frey, being one of the founding members of the Eagles, wrote most of the band’s classic songs. One of these songs includes “Take it Easy,” which he wrote with Jackson Brown, his neighbor. Unfortunately, in January 2016, Glenn lost his life at 67 to complications from pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, and acute ulcerative colitis. 

Being the frontman of the band, Glenn Frey’s passing was heavily felt by his bandmates and by their millions of fans. However, hope was not lost because, in 2017, Deacon Frey joined the band, along with fellow musician Vince Gill, to continue his dad’s and the Eagles’ legacy. 

As the band opted against disbandment with now two new members, they also took on the challenge of re-working classics sung by the late Glenn Frey. Some of these songs were “Take it Easy,” “Lyin’ Eyes,” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” 

These songs, among many, were distributed among the band members. Deacon took on lead vocals for “Take it Easy,” while Vince sang “Lyin’ Eyes” as lead vocalist with the rest of the band, Deacon, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmidt, and Don Henley, singing the harmonies.  

While Glenn Frey can never be replaced, not even by his own son, Deacon Frey still brings to the table his own musical touches laden with charm and skill that proves to go well with the band. He is also capable of deeply understanding and capturing the timeless classic themes of many of the band’s songs that easily translates to his vocal and instrumental skills. 

With a much softer voice – and has a more harmonic edge to it than his father’s, Deacon Frey’s version of “Take it Easy” goes perfectly well with the band’s signature smooth harmonies. 

Listen to Deacon Frey’s “Take it Easy” below. 


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