March 15

Happy Birthday to “Mister Country” Carl Smith!

This is one of the most remarkable events that everyone is waiting for. Of course, it’s the celebration of someone’s birthday. Also, this is the event wherein the celebrator will receive a lot of gifts. Plus, this is the gathering where a mini-reunion of family and friends takes place. Anyhow, everyone loves birthdays because there is plenty of food and sometimes, an overflowing amount of beer. But what do you usually do on your birthday? And what kind of food do you prepare? Well, now let’s go ahead and celebrate the supposed birthday of Carl Smith or also known as “Mister Country.”

carl smith, mister country, country music hall of fame
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Carl Smith: One of the Most Successful Male Artists

He was born on March 15, 1927, in the small town of Maynardsville, Tennessee. Further, in his early years, Smith looked up to several country legends like Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, and Bill Monroe. These people were his early influences. In his teenage years, he learned to play guitar by himself and at the age of 15, he was performing at the San Francisco-based country band. After two years, he learned how to play string bass guitar. It’s easy to say that Carl Smith really loved music and it has been a part of his life. Moreover, his career started in 1942 and he was called “Mister Country,” maybe it’s because of his good looks and charm.

carl smith, mister country, country music hall of fame
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One of the Great Musicians

Throughout his career, Carl Smith was tagged as one of the most successful male artists during the ‘50s. In addition, he was able to put 30 of his songs on the top ten and his lavish career continued until the ‘70s. Due to his bountiful career, Smith was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame. “Mister Country” died at the age of 82 but he will always be remembered by his family and friends.


Carl Smith

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