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Here’s More About Zach Bryan’s Wife, His Life In the Navy, And His Rise To Fame

While Zach Bryan has just pretty recently debuted, he is already making an impact on the country music scene and quickly growing an enthusiastic fan base – whose interests go beyond his music. Pretty sure everyone wants to know more about the Oklahoma native and his life in the Navy, including Zach Bryan’s wife.

While others may find the singer’s success as quick prosperity, the truth is things did not happen overnight. Bryan actually began writing songs when he was only fourteen. “I always wanted to write songs. That’s what I wanted to do: I wanted to be a songwriter,” he said.  

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Eventually, Bryan started pursuing this journey by sharing videos of his originally composed songs on Twitter and YouTube. In less than no time, he started connecting with souls all over the world – and the more he was sharing, the more momentum he was gaining.

His self-released album, De Ann, which he recorded with his friends in an Airbnb, introduced himself as a poet’s songwriter. More amazingly, a number of tracks from the album were picked up by the TV series Yellowstone.

Finally, Bryan had his breakthrough moment in 2019 when he uploaded his song “Heading South,” which went viral and gained millions of views. It became the catalyst that made Bryan known to the masses and the release of his first studio album, American Heartbreak – a project that his fans have been yearning for years. Zach Bryan’s songs – such as “Late July,” “From Austin,” and “Half Grown” – gained him widespread support. “Something In the Orange” then became his biggest song to date. In fact, it had been covered on TikTok by thousands, even before it was officially released.

Zach Bryan and His Life In The Navy, Where He Met His Wife 

While Zach Bryan grew up in Oologah, Oklahoma, the prolific singer-songwriter was actually born in Okinawa, Japan, where his family was deployed in the Navy overseas. Bryan’s father, Dewayne Bryan, and mother, Annette DeAnn, have both served in the U.S. Navy, as well as his grandfather, his uncles, and his great-grandfather.

Bryan kept the family tradition on as he became an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy when he was seventeen. There, he continued making music in the barracks with his friends and met his wife – yet another Navy veteran, Elisabeth Rose Madden, who often appeared on Bryan’s videos and even provided background vocals to some of his rough-cut DIY tracks.

Bryan and Madden got hitched in 2020 at Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington. It was during the height of COVID-19, and the couple bravely faced chaos, unforeseen encounters, state-mandated limitations on gatherings, and the challenges of travel restrictions. Two weeks after their mountain-top elopement, the couple held their intimate reception on their five-acre homestead in rural Island County, keeping the attendees to only their closest family and friends.

In 2021, Bryan announced that he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy after eight years of service “to go play some music.”

“Can’t tell if I’m a coward or if I’m chasing a dream,” the singer wrote, calling the years he spent serving the country as the best years of his life. “It made a man out of me, truly.”

Trouble In Paradise Between Zach Bryan and His Wife

It looks like Zach Bryan, and Rose Madden’s relationship is not all rainbows and sunshine, as it is believed that the lovers had quite a quarrel regarding disloyalty and unfaithfulness – eventually calling it quits while Madden was deployed in Europe. 

While it was not entirely confirmed, rumors detailing Bryan’s infidelity have surfaced. Another rumor revealed that Bryan’s sudden fame made Madden uncomfortable. 

All of the couple’s photos are now deleted from Bryan’s Instagram account, while Madden can no longer be found on social media. At the moment, the singer is dating Deb Peifer.

Well, whatever trouble there is, one thing is for sure –Bryan’s rise to success is unstoppable. His raw combination of country and folk is amazingly sweeping the music industry, and there’s no turning back. He holds what it takes to become one of the greatest names in music.

We can’t wait to see what’s more in store for Zach Bryan.


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