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Zach Bryan Sings About Doomed Relationship in “Something In The Orange”

When Oklahoma-born and bred singer-songwriter Zach Bryan released “Something In The Orange” as the second single off his album American Heartbreak, the love-struck ballad became his first hit on Billboard Hot 100 – peaking at No. 12. It also went No. 2 on both Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and Hot Rock & Alternative Songs charts.

The success of the song then helped Bryan top the Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart, further cementing his status as a star in country music.

Good Old Fashioned Breakup Song

Zach Bryan wrote “Something In The Orange” in a cabin in Wisconsin as he watched the sunset. The song tells the story of a man lamenting a doomed relationship. He’s been left alone by his lover, and he can’t help but desperately miss her. He holds on to the faith that she will eventually find her way to him, but “somethin’ in the orange” is telling him that she’s never coming home.

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“To you, I’m just a man, to me, you’re all I am. Where the hell am I supposed to go? I poisoned myself again, something in the orange tells me you’re never comin’ home,” the song goes.

Indeed, the strolling heartbreak ballad is filled with country music’s signature soul with a soaring acoustic guitar and harmonica behind it. Bryan’s lyricism really makes him stand out among the rest.

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Bryan also released an alternate mix of “Something In The Orange,” which features just his vocals along with a piano in the background. Meanwhile, the music video for the song is also already out, which contains crowd-sourced footage shot by fans that absolutely captured the unfiltered emotion of their song experience.

Anyway, you can listen to “Something In The Orange” by Zach Bryan in the video below.


Zach Bryan

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