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June Carter Cash’s Struggles Seen in the Movie “Ring of Fire”


Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash‘s love story seems to be so perfect that many of us wanted to also find someone to love. These two country artists broke barriers and proved that true love does exist. However, it wasn’t that easy. The story of two people together, perfectly happy is not actually all like that. Everyone has to go through a lot just to be where they are right now, and June and Johnny’s love had to face a lot of challenges before they ultimately found happiness together.

june carter cash johnny cash ring of fire
Jewel plays June Carter Cash and Matt Ross plays Johnny Cash in the movie Ring of Fire. Photo via variety.com

“Ring of Fire:” Cast, Plot, and Nominations

In 2013, a movie entitled Ring of Fire was released. It revolves around the wonderful and talented June Carter and her struggles with her marriages. Before we get to know about the movie’s plot and what we have to say about it, here are the cast of the film.

  • Jewel as June Carter Cash
  • Matt Ross as Johnny Cash
  • Frances Conroy as Mother Maybelle
  • Austin Stack as John Carter Cash
  • John Doe as A.P Carter

The movie was released in 2013 in the US, where it was directed by Allison Anders. The show runs for more than an hour, and it portrays the life of June. In here, Jewel, the Grammy-award winning singer, brought to life the struggles of June when she met her first husband, Carl Smith, and how he cheated on her. We also witnessed how June fell in love with the legendary country artist Johnny Cash. The movie shows how June remained strong until the end, even if Johnny reached the point of abusing himself with the use of drugs; and their marriage was in shambles.

The movie was nominated for 4 primetime Emmy‘s on 2013, including Best Photography and Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series.

Review About the Biopic of June Carter Cash

We praise the talent of Jewel in here and how she portrayed June. It was a difficult role to step in, but she made it possible. Ross, who played Johnny Cash, was slightly able to bring Johnny to life, although his singing or his voice, in particular, wasn’t very similar to that of Johnny’s. They should have cast someone to dub singing voice for Ross.

The movie was made to show how June struggled in her life, how she rose to fame, and how she overcame all of her hardships. However, since the movie runs for about 90 minutes, the artists were not able to build up the characters in the movie. We see that June struggled, but the movie moved so fast from one timeline to another, that June’s character was not able to make us feel the real emotion. The viewers are not able to cry, get angry, or whatever emotion is right for that scene.

However, we cannot deny that one particular scene in the movie brought us to tears. It was on that scene when June was able to show us how and what she truly felt seeing Johnny hurting himself. She was so angry that she had to pour out the pain she kept inside of her for a long time. Another scene that we praised is when Johnny was about to see his wife and son, but his son ran away.

One more thing is that since the title of the movie is Ring of Fire, they should have also focused on some time when June was writing the song “Ring of Fire.” They should have given us more time to look into how June made the signature song of Cash because this movie’s all about June, isn’t it? They did show a short clip of it when June was strumming her guitar and singing the song, but that’s it.

All in all the movie was good. We probably would give a score of 7/10 for this. Now it’s your time to tell us what do you think of the movie. Do you agree with what we say or do you think they should have added more to it? Tell us about it, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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