February 9

Say A Little Prayer with “But For The Grace Of God” by Keith Urban

Known for his wondrous works in the music industry, specifically country music, singer Keith Urban’s name is well known for his many great songs that hit the top charts numerous times. One song, in particular, started the path of what would be known to be his eventual collection of more number-one hits. 

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Keith Urban‘s third single from his Debut album, “But For The Grace of God,” took a spot on the Billboard Hot Country songs and placed at the top and in the thirty-seventh place in the Billboard Top 100 for a week. This would be later on known as his first number-one hit. The top hit was initially written by members Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wieldin from the American rock band, “the Go-Go’s,” alongside Urban as they created the classic masterpiece and Keith Urban’s greatest hits.

Meaning Behind The Song

The song’s meaning revolves around gratitude and appreciation towards God for giving them the love they have in life. Keith Urban’s greatest hits are known to provide a lasting impression on its listeners.

The music video notices a man going through chaotic surroundings. From his arguing neighbors to the lonely rich man that walks past their door as he walks about. The upbeat tune of the song emphasizes the lyrics, telling us the value and appreciation we should have towards life and how God is a constant reminder of what we should be thankful for. “But For The Grace of God” shows us that to be happy, we need to learn to love the life given to us, not the life we wish we had. By that, we can be as happy and content as the man in the song. 

Listen to Keith Urban’s “But For The Grace of God” down the link below.


Keith Urban

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