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What It Means to Be in Love with Chase Rice Hit Song “Eyes On You”

Chase Rice + Eyes on You

In 2017, rising country artist Chase Rice released his new hit single “Eyes on You” as part of his album Lambs and Lions. 

The song is considered one of Chase Rice’s hit songs after it received phenomenal success right after its release. “Eyes on You” immediately got right into the charts, landing at no. 1 on the US Country Airplay (Billboard), no. 3 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard), and no. 10 on the Canada Country (Billboard). 

It was also one of the songs that was able to get him the 3x platinum award for selling over 3,000,000 copies worldwide. There is no doubt that his rising popularity and talent are what made the song a success. 

But no one can deny the fact that the song’s meaning is what hits listeners to the core. It relates to a lot of people, and the music video is cinematically pleasing to watch as well. So there is no doubt why many listeners got addicted to listening to it. 

What are we waiting for? Let us now dive into the meaning behind Chase Rice’s song “Eyes on You.”

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Chase Rice, Chris DeStefano, and Ashley Gorley, “Eyes on You” is simply a song about a man who is so in love. Although some may think this is just another typical country love song, well it seems like it is not the case at all. 

In an interview with Vevo, Chase revealed that this song is actually inspired by a real-life experience he had in Hawaii. In the song, Chase tried to add some details about the places he and this mystery girl went to. 

During that time, Chase felt as if his eyes were on her all the time. Since he put so much truth and depth into the lyrics of the song, he can’t deny the fact that “Eyes on You” is probably one of those special songs close to his heart. 

So if you are interested in finding out who this mystery girl might be, why don’t you watch Chase Rice’s “Eyes on You” music video below?