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Chris Janson Songs Are Making The Waves in Country Music

Both a viral hitmaker and a crowd-pleasing artist, Chris Janson songs link the gap between the country’s past and future.

Chris Janson first made his mark as a gifted songwriter, penning songs for Tim McGraw, Hank Williams Jr., and Justin Moore. Eventually, he evolved into one of the genre’s most captivating total-package sensations, being an artist in his own right.

And he made waves in the country genre with these songs.

1. “Buy Me a Boat”

From: Buy Me a Boat (2015)

Janson earned a hit of his own and plenty of new fans with the single release of this soft country-rock about great dreams and humble realities. 

Janson wrote “Buy Me a Boat” with his longtime collaborator Chris DuBois to which Janson recalled to be a song that “came so quick and it felt so right and easy, and we did it.”

2. “Done”

From: Real Friends (2019)

Janson co-wrote “Done” with his wife Kelly Lynn in mind. According to the singer, the song’s opening line is what he actually told his friend the first time he saw Kelly. Janson saw his future wife “right down the street from here at Melrose Pool Hall [in Nashville],” and he immediately said to himself, “Done and done, marrying that girl.'”

The beachy black and white music video for the song was shot in none other than Janson and Kelly’s happy place – their house in Seaside, Florida.

3. “Good Vibes”

From: Real Friends (2019)

Janson encourages everyone to have a positive outlook on life and to choose to be happy – which he said is an important message and one that even he takes a reminder about from time to time.

The idea of the song came from a spontaneous meeting with fellow songwriters who have written for him previously. In the middle of their discussion, Janson told them “good vibes only” – that three words then inspired the song’s main theme of positivity.

It also reached No. 1 on Billboard’ Country Airplay – Janson’s first No. 1 on the chart.

4. “Fix a Drink”

From: Everybody (2017)

Janson can’t fix all of life’s problems like a broken phone, a broken heart, and a truck that won’t start – but he can surely fix a drink.

The song was released as the first single from his album Everybody, and it reached No. 2 on Billboard’s Country Airplay while No. 10 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

5. “Drunk Girl”

From: Everybody (2017)

No, this is not a song about hard-living women, but instead, the compelling track serves as a prompt to young men that they should help intoxicated women in making sure they come home safe and sound rather than attempting to sleep with them.

6. “Holdin’ Her”

From: Buy Me a Boat (2015)

Janson wrote, “Holdin’ Her” for his wife Kelly Lynn, their children, and his journey in life – the things he loves the most. According to Janson, the song is an “absolute true story, from start to finish.”

7. “‘Til a Woman Comes Along”

From: Take It to the Bank (2014)

“‘Til a Woman Comes Along” is Janson’s debut single released in 2014. Though it did not make a massive impact – only reaching No. 52 on the Hot Country Songs chart – it set the stage for what’s about to come for the next few years. Janson’s signature baritone and a killer harmonica solo definitely made the song stand out.

8. “Waitin’ On 5”

From: Real Friends (2019)

Janson paid tribute to hard work and hard partying in his song “Waitin’ On 5” – a true fun-country anthem dedicated to clocking off work five days a week and everything that’s about to happen once that’s done.

The song came with a lighthearted music video filmed primarily at a Nashville racetrack and featured some of the country singer’s real-life family members. The short clip emphasized what it is to let loose when quitting time arrives — just like the song itself.

“I have so much respect for the hard-working men and women in this country,” Janson explained, adding that he’s proud to count members of his own family to be among them.

9. “Say About Me”

From: Real Friends (2019)

Janson croons in this rap-influenced tune about the joy and pleasure growing up in the small town of Missouri, Perryville – at the same time, lauds how well life has been treating him.

10. “Real Friends”

From: Real Friends (2019)

Janson joined forces with his good friend, country superstar Blake Shelton in this swagger-heavy song where they sing about some of the things “real friends” do for each other.

More Chris Janson Songs That Prove He’s Not Your Typical Country Artist

More of Chris Janson’s greatest hits below.

  • “Under The Sun”
  • “The Power of Positive Drinkin'”
  • “Who’s Your Farmer”
  • “Where My Girls At”
  • “Better I Don’t”
  • “Redneck Life”
  • “White Trash”

Indeed, Chris Janson songs prove that he’s an artist like no other.


Chris Janson

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