June 26

Toby Keith’s “I Need to Hear a Country Song” is What We Need Right Now

Country music is slowly losing its audience to popular music, folk music, and even trap music. Only those who are an avid fan of country songs are the ones left listening to it. What could we do? Well, for starters, we could listen to Toby Keith‘s “I Need to Hear a Country Song.”

This tune is important to revive the golden days of country music. We have to join together as one so that the legacy that Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and other country legends left will be preserved.

toby keith, country
Taken from Keith’s official Facebook page

Toby Keith is Telling the Truth

The song is catchy and has the typical instruments of a country song. It was part of Toby Keith’s 2011 album Clancy’s Tavern. In an interview, Toby Keith said this about the song:

“But the gist of the song is: when you really need to hear a country song you can’t just turn the jukebox on. I want to ‘hear a loser cryin’, songs about a love that’s dyin’, lyin’, cheatin’ to the bone. Three chords stone cold country song.”

toby keith, country
via Toby Keith’s Official Facebook Page

Keith said that it was River Rutherford who brought up the idea to him. He immediately loved the demo because of the melody and wordplay that was put into it. We all know the type of songs that Toby Keith releases, so this is considered to be one of his signature songs.

Lyrics Breakdown

I need to hear a song that’s blue enough
to break a heart in two
After what you put me through

Country music definitely has that blues incorporated through their tunes. For some time now, we have been transitioning from country music to popular music through the snaps and beats. We have to go back to the traditional ways of Tammy Wynette or Patsy Cline. Those are the music that moved us and made us fall in love with country music.

Listen to Toby Keith’s song here:


country music, I Need to Hear a Country Song, Toby Keith

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