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Jason Aldean’s Daughter, Keeley Turns 18

Jason Aldean Daughter, Keeley Wiliams Birthday

Valentine’s Day has always been extra special to country superstar Jason Aldean as he got another reason to celebrate – it is also the birthday of his eldest daughter, Keeley Williams.

This year, Aldean is marking the special occasion with a lengthy message on his social media account as Keeley turns eighteen. 

“As a parent, when u bring them home from the hospital, you just wanna do everything you can to protect them, keep them safe and raise them to have a good life. I don’t think we realize how fast 18 years comes and goes,” Aldean wrote, who can’t help but be proud of his daughter and the person she has now become.

Aldean has constantly been the sweetest father to his firstborn child with his then-wife, Jessica Ussery. Last year, when Keeley had to miss her prom because of the COVID-19 restrictions, Aldean teamed up with his wife, Brittany, to give the teen a night to remember.

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Aldean and Brittany came to the rescue by throwing Keeley a makeshift prom at their beach house in Florida, where they were quarantining. 

Brittany shared a short clip of the special moment on her social media account, taking fans along the surprising ride. 

Keeley was on the verge of crying when her father told her to wear her dancing shoes. “I’m gonna cry! This is so cute,” Keeley gushed. Brittany then hugged her and told her, “It’s your prom,” while Jason looked at her, sweetly saying, “And I’m your date!”

Like her country superstar father, Keeley loves music and has been busy taking up guitar lessons. Is Keeley going to take rhythm acoustic like Jason Aldean? Well, let’s wait and see.