October 15

The Most Successful Rendition of “I Walk Alone” by Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins sang a rendition of “I Walk Alone” by Eddy Arnold, and despite the many versions of the song by other great artists, Robbins’ rendition performed exceptionally well in the charts. It was his thirteenth song to reach number one in the US country singles chart, where it stayed at the number one spot for 15 weeks but honestly, who’s shocked? Robbins sure was a great singer, and we all know it.

Marty Robbins was a songwriter, actor, instrumentalist, but most importantly, a successful icon in country music. Throughout his four-decade career, he was able to record a stunning number of more than 500 songs and 60 albums. Several Marty Robbins songs even became huge hits and are still influential to this date, enough to be featured in several contemporary pop culture references. It’s also no surprise that he received several notable awards as a musician, including two Grammy awards, the 1960’s Artist of the Decade, and two of his songs being ranked among the top 100 Western songs of all time. 

“I Walk Alone” by Eddy Arnold

“I Walk Alone” was originally recorded by Eddy Arnold and written by Herbert Wilson. It is a love song where the story centers on a man that appears to be yearning and waiting for his lover, stating that “when teardrops start” and “while you’re gone,” “I walk alone.”

Arnold was also an exceptional country music star, but when comparing all the performances of the artists that made a version of “I Walk Alone,” Robbins’ can be considered as the most successful one. He recorded his version of the song, which became the first single of his album with the same name (“I Walk Alone”) and performed well in charts such as US Hot Country Songs, US Billboard Hot 100, Canadian RPM Country Tracks, and Canadian RPM Top Singles.

Listen to “I Walk Alone” sung by Marty Robbins, in the video below.


Marty Robbins

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