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Marty Robbins

Latest Stories

Marty Robbins Crying Time

Marty Robbins “Crying Time” Will Absolutely Have You Weeping Along With Him

The 1964 single "Crying Time" was written and originally recorded by country music artist Buck Owens. This is his one of the most covered songs that remains to be a hit and classic until this time. In 1978, the great Marty Robbins performed his own version of the song.

Keith Urban Performs an Incredible Marty Robbins Medley

Keith Urban Honors Marty Robbins With A Medley Of His Songs

During the 2009 Artist of the Decade All-Star Concert, Keith Urban honored the icon Marty Robbins with a medley of his hit songs.

Marty Robbins + (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

Marty Robbins’ “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” Is An American Classic 

Country singer Marty Robbins’ rendition of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” captured the eerie and mysterious notes of of a cowboy folktale.

Marty Robbins Death

Remembering The Death Of Marty Robbins, Genre’s Most Amusing Artist

On December 8, 1982, country music star Marty Robbins died at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville following a massive heart attack. He was 57.

The Most Successful Rendition of “I Walk Alone” by Marty Robbins

“I Walk Alone” is a song covered by various well-known country artists, however, it was only Marty Robbins' version that peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard chart.

Remember When Marty Robbins Starred in Clint Eastwood's Iconic Film, Honkytonk Man

Remember When Marty Robbins Starred in Clint Eastwood’s Iconic Film, Honkytonk Man

Marty Robbins played Smoky in the 1982 movie of Clint Eastwood, "Honkytonk Man." Eastwood starred as Red Stovall, a singer who suffers from tuberculosis.

Marty Robbins + “The Story of My Life”

Marty Robbins Proves His A Master Storyteller As He Sings “The Story Of My Life”

Marty Robbins sang his heart out with this hit song in the 1940's, "The Story of My Life." Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, this song talks about the narrators love life.

Marty Robbins facts

Here Are Some Facts About Marty Robbins, One Of The Most Successful Crossover Artists In History

Marty Robbins is more than just a singer! He's actually much more amazing than you know him. Get to know more about the country legend with these facts.

Marty Robbins Finally Breaks Free From The Charms of a “Devil Woman”

Marty Robbins earned another number one on the US Billboard Hot Country chart with his single “Devil Woman” in 1962. His song also entered the pop chart.

Marty Robbins + El Paso

Marty Robbins Sings About Forbidden Love, Bitterness, and Violence in “El Paso”

When Marty Robbins released "El Paso" in 1959 off his album Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, it quickly became a major hit – both on country and pop music charts.

Marty Robbins Songs

The Best Marty Robbins Songs Within His Dazzling Thirty Years In The Business

During the 1950s and 1960s, Marty Robbins songs dominated – not only on the country charts but as well as the pop chart, making him one of the more successful crossover artists.

Marty Robbins’ Son Makes TV Debut To Sing With Him

Marty Robbins’ Son Performs “Big Mouthin’ Around” With His Dad At TV Debut

You are definitely in for a hilarious treat with Marty Robbins Jr.'s debut TV appearance as he and his dad banter and sing "Big Mouthin' Around."

Marty Robbins' "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" Is The Sweetest Love Song You'll Hear

Marty Robbins’ “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” Is The Sweetest Love Song You’ll Hear

“My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” a country ballad song written and performed by Marty Robbins that hit the top of the charts.

Marty Robbins’ Son Honors His Father With “Big Iron” Tribute

Ronny Robbins is the son of the legendary country singer Marty Robbins. Ronny performed his father's hit song "Big Iron" on Country’s Family Reunion.

The Carolyn Sills Combo Reimagines a Marty Robbins Classic with ‘Return to El Paso’

The Carolyn Sills Combo has come together for a dramatic reimagining of a time-honored country classic: Marty Robbins’ “El Paso.” 

The Best Traditional Country Songs

Country music has evolved over the years. However, despite the changes in it, traditional country songs will always have a huge influence on the new ones.

Marty Robbins Dedicates a Wonderful Song to His Wife

Marty Robbins wrote a top-performing and Grammy award-winning song for his wife. "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" represents Robbins' love for his wife.

Marty Robbins Performs a Superb Medley of His Songs

Marty Robbins performed some of his songs as a medley at the Grand Ole Opry. Check out how he made the audience fall in love with his performance.

Watch Charley Pride and Glen Campbell Perform “El Paso”

In 1992, two of country music's greatest artists performed Marty Robbins' Grammy Award Winning "El Paso." Glen Campbell and Charley Pride were both phenomenal performers.