May 18

Marty Robbins’ Son Performs “Big Mouthin’ Around” With His Dad At TV Debut

Marty Robbins and his son Marty Robbins Jr., more popularly known as Ronny, definitely proved the truth in the old saying, “Like father, like son.” Well, for starters, the father and son share the same name. Second, just like Marty Robbins, Ronny is also a country singer – which is not surprising since he was exposed to country music at a very early age. And having a country star at home for a father surely inspired him to become one. 

Ronny released his debut album back in 1969 under Columbia Records, and one of the songs that he recorded was “Big Mouthin’ Around.” And that became one of the most memorable and important tracks of his career. That is, it was the song that he performed with his father at his big television debut, which was also on a league of its own in terms of being memorable. 

Prior to welcoming his son on stage, Marty joked how Ronny was so nervous to perform on stage on TV that he might have to carry him up. The two bantered back and forth, and when Marty walked off the stage, he returned with Ronny carrying him bridal-style. As we said before, “Like father, like son,” and Ronny definitely got the same sense of humor as his father. 

But it was their performance that definitely caught people quite off guard. That’s because the father and the son sounded so similar that it was a challenge to distinguish between their voices. There’s really no denying that Marty and Ronny are two peas in a pod! 

Ronny Robbins eventually stopped from music and touring and instead focused on being a husband, a father, and a businessman. But from time to time, we could still hear him sing, and it’s like Marty Robbins never really died. 

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Watch their hilarious performance in the video below. 


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