January 31

Bobby Bare Sings “Daddy What If”: An Iconic Country Song For Kids

Termed as the “Springsteen of Country,” Bobby Bare released a melodic country song titled “Daddy What If” as part of his 1973 album, “Lullabys, Legends, and Lies.”

Due to its relatively mellow tune, listening to every note feels so relaxing. Paired with Bare’s firm yet soft voice, “Daddy What If” instantly becomes a top hit among many. 

Even though it didn’t land on any official musical charts, the song is still considered an iconic masterpiece in country music, as it is one of the few country songs nominated for the Grammys

Meaning Behind the Song

“Daddy What If” was written by Shel Silverstein, a well-known songwriter and children’s book author who has worked for artists like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Waylon Jennings

The song simply talks about a child who is curious to know more about the world. In the song, the child’s father creatively answers his questions, making the learning experience much more enjoyable.

Aside from that, this song also explores the connection forged between a father and son, recognizing that a parent’s role in a child’s overall development is crucial.

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However, aside from its magical tune and meaning, Bobby Bare’s duet with his five-year-old son Bobby Bare Jr. has made the song more personal and fun to listen to. 

A few days after the album’s release, Bare’s son surprised everyone when he started singing, as his mellow, soft voice added dynamic to the overall performance. 

After witnessing Bare son’s incredible talent in singing, fans started looking forward to seeing more of Bobby Bare Jr. in the future. 

So if you are interested in watching Bobby Bare’s “Daddy What If” duet with his son Bobby Bare Jr., you can watch the video below. 


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