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Elton John’s “Teacher I Need You:” A Tribute to World Teachers Day

This month, we celebrate the World Teachers Day. With this, let us greet all hardworking teachers out there, a Happy Teachers Day! Teaching is a profession that needs a lot of patience. Teachers are not only seen in school but also at home.  The first teacher we have is our parents. They were the ones who taught us how to walk, write and talk.

Teacher I Need You, Elton John
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Thus, teachers in the school must invest a lot of patience for students and parents. They are the ones who mostly encounter complains. Honestly, not all are good students. Some of them are naughty and hard-headed, but they must be loved. Loving your students like your own children means a lot. Professions are not easy, but all you need to do is to be brave and push through with your dreams. In line with this is the song, “Teacher I Need You.” Do you know anything about this song?

“Teacher I Need You”

It is a song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The song recorded by John and it was released in 1973 from his album, Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player.

Teacher I Need You, Elton John
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The song became popular on album-oriented rock radio stations. During John’s live concert in the 1970s “Teacher I Need You” is performed. Some artists made their own version of the song such as Richard Marx and Stephen Cummings.

The Lyrics Breakdown

I was sitting in the classroom
Trying to look intelligent
In case the teacher looked at me
She was long and she was lean
She’s a middle-aged dream
And that lady means the whole world to me

“Teacher I Need You” was inspired by a schoolboy’s sexual desire for his female teacher. One music critic said that the song has witty and insightful lyrics which will make the listeners become more interested and praise the way the song flows with the boy’s believable frustration over his predicament.

Teacher I Need You, Elton John
Via YouTube.com by Screengrab

The song is also inspired by American movie stars such as John Wayne and Errol Flynn. During the 1950s to early 1960s, the song has been described as a “retro rocker” because of its sounds.

Listen to Elton John’s “Teacher I Need You” below:


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