July 30

An Amazing Woman Finds A Way On Helping The Mentally Ill People

Numerous of signs have been popping up around the world like in schools, roads, homes, and many other places. But what makes this article more special is that a woman have a created an encouraging sign that helps the mentally ill persons overcome the distress in their lives.

The Amazing Woman

Amy Wolff had an idea of creating about inspirational signs after having a heartbreaking discussion with her friends. It is where they have discussed about the suicide rates happening in their community. As Wolff heard the heartbreaking news, she immediately finds a solution to put up with motivational signs in her neighbor’s backyard.

Before putting up, Wolff with her kids first started knocking on their neighbor’s doors and asked if they could put up motivational signs like “Don’t give up” and “Your Mistakes Don’t Define You.” After a couple of days, she started receiving messages and feedbacks from other people within the community wanting to buy the signs she made. She then sold hundreds of yard signs.

In addition, her husband made her a website to sell her works at a cost.





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