May 16

Dolly Parton Expresses her Faith through the Song “Jesus and Gravity”

We can’t deny the strong link of country music and religion. This time, it would be Dolly Parton who expresses her faith through a song.

Dolly’s “Jesus and Gravity” was under her 2008 album Backwoods Barbie. It was released back on February 26, 2008, together with “Better Get to Livin’” as a lead-off single. The album contains nine Dolly Parton original.

dolly parton
Photo Credits: Dolly Parton/Official Facebook Home Page

Behind Dolly Parton’s Song

At her record release party in Los Angeles, Parton said,

“It’s about spirituality and reality. I grew up in a Christian family, so anything about Jesus is good.”

“Jesus and Gravity” is a song written by Dolly. Growing up in a family of 12 children, they were poor. The country legend knows the reality of life because of her background, and it was what made her faith to the Lord stronger.

dolly parton
via Dolly Parton’s Official Facebook Page

The song debuted at the charts peaking at number 56. Not a strong start for the singer but with all the other music that other country artists are releasing, the competition is quite high.

Dolly Parton also performed the song on the seventh season of American Idol. It was a tribute week to Dolly Parton and the legacy she has as a singer and songwriter. Tribute weeks are only given to music legends, so this was definitely a milestone for her.

Lyrics Breakdown

Cause I’ve got
Somethin’ lifting me up
Somethin’ holding me down
Somethin’ to give me wings and keep my feet on the ground
I’ve got all I need
Jesus and gravity

Jesus and Gravity” is a brilliant analogy of what our faith could do to us. The reason why gravity was part of the title is because of its similarity to faith.

As the song implies, Jesus keeps us grounded when we need to be. He also lifts us up when we are feeling down.

Our faith reminds us to always be grounded even if we are feeling grand about ourselves. At the same time, faith is also there to give us hope and it reminds us to soar high for our dreams. So you see, Jesus and gravity operate at the same level.

Listen to this Dolly Parton gospel hit here:


Dolly Parton

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