July 10

Buck Owens’ Classic Hit “Together Again” will Melt Your Heart

If you ever need a song to serenade your lover, then this one is for you. Buck Owens made a classic love song that is universal and timely. You can play it on the radio right now along with other pop music, but this will still be favored by country music fans.

Buck Owens is a successful musician who does not only contain his artistry within country music. He does all genres and that is what people love about him. In fact, he had 21 number 1 hits on the Billboard country charts with his band, the Buckaroos.

buck owens, together again
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The Numerous Covers of Buck Owens’ Classic Hit

A lot of country artists have covered this classic hit from Buck Owens. One rendition stood out and that was from Gene Watson and Bluegrass-Country singer Rhonda Vincent. They recorded the song individually so when they performed it at the Grand Ole Opry, it was actually their first time seeing together.

Rhonda Vincent recalled:

 “I walk in, walk up to the stage, and we sang that song on live TV before we ever even said hello.”

buck owens, classic
Buck Owens (MovieAndMusicGreats.Com)

Their performance was so incredible that it was included in their album. In a sense, this was an accidental hit because they did not even plan to record this together. What a wonderful way to reintroduce the song to newer fans!

Lyrics Breakdown

Together again
The gray skies are gone
Your back in my arms
Now where you belong

Hearing the lyrics over and over again will totally melt your heart. In fact, this song is so timeless that you can’t get enough of it. Buck Owens is a brilliant lyricist in this matter because he definitely embodies what it feels like to be in love and to feel loved.

If someone were to hear this, they will immediately seek for someone to hold their hands. That is how powerful the song is as well as the effect that it has on the listeners. If you are seeking to woe someone special back to you, then this track is the one to do that.

Listen to the song here:


buck owens

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