January 15

WATCH: The London Contemporary Voices Cover Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5

The London Contemporary Voices give us a rejuvenated version of a classic Dolly Parton song, “9 to 5”, which embodies class, sass, and so much more. The cover is fun and catchy. It perfectly captures the feeling of being whisked away in the daily grind. And it sprinkles itself with a hearty dose of joy just like the original version.

Come check it out!


The Original

The song “9 to 5” is the final push to get Parton’s career to launch into mainstream success.  The lyrics are reflective of the plight of a person stuck in a “9 to 5” daily grind. 

The song garnered Parton an Academy award nomination and a whopping four Grammy Award nominations. She won the “Best Country Song” and “Best Country Performance, Female.”

The music video shows clips from the movie of the same name. Actually, the song was written for the movie. The title was based from an organization founded in 1973 and their aim is to bring about better treatment of women in the workplace.

Listen to the original version below!


The film was based on an idea by Jane Fonda and she expressed it with a statement she released:

My ideas for films always come from things that I hear and perceive in my daily life … A very old friend of mine had started an organization in Boston called “Nine To Five”, which was an association of women office workers. I heard them talking about their work and they had some great stories. And I’ve always been attracted to those 1940s films with three female stars.

The London Contemporary Voices


The London Contemporary Voices were first founded by artists Anil Sebastian and Didier Rochard in 2010. It was initially intended for Imogen Heap’s concert “Love the Earth.” But ever since then, they have worked with 100+ artists including 18 Grammy winners/nominees.

They are considered as one of the UK’s best modern choirs and a leading supplier of session singers, backing vocalists, choisters, beatboxers, and a cappella entertainment.


Dolly Parton, The London Contemporary Voices

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