June 10, 2020

Music Travel Love Dropped New Country Cover, Grandpa by The Judds

Music Travel Love has released their cover of the country classic “Grandpa” by The Judds, and it was shot at the scenic Magdalen Islands in Quebec. The track has actually resonated in a lot of music fans’ hearts. It has stood the test of time to become a classic song in the country music field.

In fact, “Grandpa” has quite a bit of history with the duo. On their Instagram account, they revealed that it was the first song they ever recorded way back in 1989 as a Christmas gift for their grandfather. Let’s get to know more about the duo below.

Meet the Music Travel Love

If you’d watch once of Music Travel Love cover videos, the chances are that you’ll immediately be hooked. The musical duo is composed of twins Bob and Clint Moffatt! Yup, they are one-half of the four-brother-band, The Moffats, who conquered the charts in the 1990s. 

The Moffats were the youngest band to ever sign a major record label, and throughout their career, they were able to sell over six million records worldwide, recorded seven albums, have Gold and Platinum records in more than a dozen countries.

So it’s safe to say that Bob and Clint fall within the category of seasoned entertainers. In fact, the duo has professionally performed from the early age of four with more than 5,000 live performances.

Now, Bob and Clint are back with acoustic covers featuring their powerful voices that have helped them amass nearly two million YouTube subscribers. Music Travel Love was formerly known as Endless Summer. But they recently changed their name to Music Travel Love “to better describe who we are and what we do. We travel the world with our mobile studio to find awesome destinations and record live performances.”

And they indeed lived up to their name! Their YouTube videos mostly include chasing waterfalls or hiking to some of the world’s most scenic backdrops to shoot their remarkable performances. Bob and Clint came up with the idea when they were driving around Nashville one day.

They had just finished a brand new EP and were getting ready to shop around at record labels during that time. But then, “we both looked at each other and said, is this what we want to be doing for the next year, convince label executives to like us?”

“We’d been doing that for the previous eight years, so we decided to ask ourselves a fundamental question. What do we want to be doing for the next ten years? And our answer was, continue to make music, travel, and spend more time with our families, and Music Travel Love was born,” the duo revealed.

On Choosing Songs They Will Cover

Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” Alison Krauss’ “When You Say Nothing at All,” Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me,” and Randy Travis’ “Forever and Ever, Amen” are just some of the duo’s most popular covers. Music Travel Love said they cover songs that have inspired them, something they grew up on. “We like to choose songs that we grew up with that have influenced us over the years,” they said.

They are also looking forward to cover songs of The Eagles, Chicago, George Strait, and Diamond Rio, and we can’t wait to hear it. We’re excited to see where the duo will be shooting it next. “We try to match our songs with a scene that feels like the song, and hopefully our fans enjoy it,” Music Travel Love said.


Music Travel Love, The Judds

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